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  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone ES-335 Dot"


    My brother and I were forming a new band and I decided to invest in a new guitar. I had always been a fan of semi-hollows and the Dot was the most affordable. I bought at Feedback in Rotterdam for 499 euros. I think the Dot is the sexiest, coolest l…

  • Gibson ES-137 Custom Gold Hardware

    Gibson ES-137 Custom Gold Hardware - "Gibson ES-137 Custom"


    Long & McQuaid Langley, BC, Canada $2700.00 CDN Custom order through Canadian distributor (Yorkville Sound) Slow delivery. Playability and sound on this guitar were first rate. Beautiful tri-burst finish and comfortable neck. The '57 Classic Hu…

  • Gibson ES-137 Custom Gold Hardware

    Gibson ES-137 Custom Gold Hardware - "Gibson ES-137"


    This review is of a Warranty replacement ES-137 received from Gibson factory to replace the fatally flawed unit I reviewed here on 14 March 2003. All the plusses of the original unit remain. Spectacular BluesBurst laquer finish, Perfectly crafted n…

  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone ES-335 DOT"


    I got it at Sam Ash and I got 60 bucks off the sale price, so it was about 350. This guitar is amazing. I put a good set of strings on it and it sounded like a dream. The playability is great, and the body looks awesome. I also like how balanced …

  • Epiphone Sheraton II

    Epiphone Sheraton II - "Epiphone '95 Sheraton II"


    I was in the market for an American Strat when I was introduced to the Sheraton II. I picked it up, played it, and was hooked. For $500, it was a steal! Although I prefer lighter guitars, the heavy wieght of this guitar makes a good impression. …

  • DeArmond Starfire Special

    DeArmond Starfire Special - "DeArmond Starfire Special"


    I purchased the guitar for $435.00 used on eBay including the hardshell case and shipping. When I received the guitar, both it and the case were virtually like new. It has a rich vintage sunburst finish over lightly figured laminated maple with a…

  • Gibson ES-330

    Gibson ES-330 - "Gibson ES 330"


    I bought this guitar about 5 years ago, wish I had bought one MUCH sooner. Paid alot for it, but its worth every penny if your serious about playing. Darn near EVERYTHING!! This is the BEST guitar for everything except hard rock (to much feedback wi…

  • Godin Flat Five X

    Godin Flat Five X - "Godin Flat Five X"


    I was looking for an all round versatile guitar to blend in an acoustic as well as electric tone. After reading an article in a guitar magazine reviewing the Godin Flat Five X , I decided to trade in one of my solid body electrics in on this triple A…

  • Ibanez AS73

    Ibanez AS73 - "Ibanez AS-73"


    I bought this bad boy from my local Axe music in edmonton,AB canada.I think i bought it like 3 weeks ago. I got this guitar because it has this really kick ass see through red finish thats unbelievable as well as great tone AND feel. I paid $400 can…

  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone Dot"


    I'm a new player and I purchased this guitar in March of this year (2003).I bought it at "Sam Ash" in Huntington NY.Price was $399. plus $75. for the case. I am really enjoying this guitar. It has the Cherry finish and it looks great, in fact everyo…