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  • Ibanez AFS75T

    Ibanez AFS75T - "Ibanez AFS75TTBL"


    I always wanted an electric guitar, so I ask my parents if they could get me an inexpensive one's. They told me that I can't get it till my birthday, so I waited for several months to finally get it. We went to Victor's music shop looked around fo…


    Samick ROYALE RL3 "GREG BENNETT" - "Samick RL3"


    Very good looking single cutaway semi-hollow flame maple top guitar. I purchased this guitar at Music Authority and paid $550 plus or minus, don't really remember. I wanted a semi-hollow guitar for not a whole lot of money. The action and sound of t…

  • Gretsch G6119 Tennessee Rose

    Gretsch G6119 Tennessee Rose - "Gretsch G6119 Tennessee Rose"


    I bought my 2002 used (barely, it is in showroom condition) at Willies in St. Paul, MN for $1250. I never really considered buying a Gretsch before seeing mine on the wall. But after I picked it up and plugged in, I couldn't walk away. This thing r…

  • Epiphone Casino Reissue

    Epiphone Casino Reissue - "Epiphone Casino"


    Purchased From Sam Ash Music $599 It seems that Epi's have improved over the last few years. The tuning keys are decent, although not great, but still far better than the past. The sound is quite nice for clean tones, and light drive. It's eas…

  • Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II

    Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II - "Epiphone Emperor Joe Pass"


    I bought it used for $399 (with fitted hard Epi case) at Guitar Center Hollywood Fla. Its striking looks dragged into the small room it was in. Once I picked it up and played it I couldn't out it down, TWO other shoppers in the store followed …

  • Epiphone Emperor Regent

    Epiphone Emperor Regent - "Epiphone Emperor Regent"


    with Single Pickup Bought this guitar as a replacemnet for an ES 347 which was ripped off - although these guitars are not comparable - I wanted an archtop jazz guitar instead of another semi-acoustic. I paid 700 euro's including case. The most di…

  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone Dot"


    Bought on eBay for $349. An unusual, unlisted finish called "cherry burst", extremely appealing to the eye. A great mellow sound. I find it most useful for pop rhythm, clean chordal textures, and single-line riffs that mix in with the rhythm secti…

  • Hohner HS40

    Hohner HS40 - "Hohner HS 40"


    I bought this guitar from Oxon Hill Music in Oxon Hill Maryland (USA). I'm an employee and I paid a lot less than retail. I'm not at liberty to disclose the exact amount. The MSRP is $899 w/o hsc. After visiting about a half-cozen shops in the W…

  • Schecter C-1 E/A

    Schecter C-1 E/A - "Schecter C-1 Diamond A/C Guitar"


    Musicians Friend $700 ok, here's the deal..... stop being a cheapskate and BUY this guitar. Yea, its all that you've been told (quality, "snarling" electric, ""smooth" acoustic etc etc). But its really more. What makes this a great guitar is th…

  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone Dot"


    I bought my Epiphone Dot at Long and McQuades. I bought it because of all of the good reviews ive heard and for how cheap it was was. After tax i paid $610 Canadian with case. The guitar is great. Great sound, great feel. The paint job it flawle…