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  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone ES-335 Dot"


    First off,I started playing about 6 yrs.ago and had to have every guitar that came down the road.I wised up after much wasted time and money and have come to the conclusion that with my 52 tele and Epi-335 if i can't make or play music with these its…

  • Gibson ES-137 Custom Gold Hardware

    Gibson ES-137 Custom Gold Hardware - "Gibson ES-137"


    Bought new from Gibson dealer for $1800.00 Canadian, about $1200 USD. I love the classic Les Paul style neck contour and oversized frets. Very positive feel, great bendability with the short LP scale. The finish (translucent deep blue) is to die…

  • Rickenbacker 660

    Rickenbacker 660 - "Rickenbacker 660"


    It was my 55th birthday. I'd been playing guitar at that point for 45 years. Thought I'd buy myself a good guitar to mark the occasion. Cost was not a major factor but vibe, sound and pedigree were. I plumped for the six-string version of Rickenback…

  • Epiphone Flamekat

    Epiphone Flamekat - "Epiphone Flamekat"


    My wife actually bought this guitar for me for Christmas 3 years ago. She bought it from An on-line musicianfriendly store for $799.00 and some change. I wanted a guitar with flash and an excellent swing tone. Not too fat and not too bony at the same…

  • Guild Starfire III

    Guild Starfire III - "Guild Starfire III"


    After much hinting about wanting to get an electric guitar, my wife gave me $1500 as a Christmas present and turned me loose. I had been window shopping and test playing at numerous stores and had all ready decided on the Guild Starfire III. I paid…

  • Gibson ES-137 Custom Gold Hardware

    Gibson ES-137 Custom Gold Hardware - "Gibson ES 137"


    I paid about $1,300 for this Gibson from Musicians friend. I wanted another Gibson archtop to replace one I used to have without spending a fortune. The color is Classic Heritage Cherry Sunburst with Gold Hardware. The ES 137 Classic plays as good o…

  • Gibson ES-330

    Gibson ES-330 - "Gibson ES-330"


    i paid about $350 for it about 25 years ago. at first i really like the classic Gibson lines, but when i played it, it had the best action i ever played. since my dad was a Gibson blues/folk player, i had played a lot of his vintage Gibsons, but thi…

  • Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]

    Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current] - "Ibanez AS-200"


    For years I wanted an ES-335. This Ibanez AS-200 is essentially a clone with the addition of a nice coil-splitting feature on the neck pickup. At the time (8 years ago), I felt the Ibanez quality was much better than Gibson. Although I hear Gibson …

  • Epiphone 50th Anniversary "1962" Sorrento

    Epiphone 50th Anniversary "1962" Sorrento - "Epiphone Sorrento"


    I spent £440 in 1996 for a Brand new Cherry Sorrento. I loved the unusual single cutaway and the rocknroll colour. The guitar has gorgeous P90 pickups which give the warmest jangley clean sound. It wasnt till I started gigging it wit…

  • Ibanez PM20

    Ibanez PM20 - "Ibanez Signature"


    I bought the Ibanez,signature guitar and it really is good. The problem is I don't have A pedal so it doesn't sound the same. Since I'm into Metal It would great to have the New fender stratocaster. The form and color is very unique and great. …