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  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone DOT"


    I acquired my guitar in Rockcenter, Buenos Aires, Argentina because my very used Fender was so old. I remeber that I sold my old Fender Squier cheaper ($100) and so after that I could bought the Dot. I paid $640 for "she". There're three or four poi…

  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone DOT"


    wichita band .com i paid $350 Its sweet paint job and the great sound it produces that it makes all other guitars look like crap solid its the best guitar everrr the epiphone dot delivers all the way This review was originally published on http:…

  • Rickenbacker 360V64

    Rickenbacker 360V64 - "Rickenbacker 360V64"


    This Holy Grail of 60s axedom was bought new from a guitar studio in Clayton Missouri nearly three years ago. Complete with Ric custom case, Schaller strap locks, strap, polish cloth and tools, two sets of Ernie Ball lights and power cable...$1100.00…

  • Aria Pro II TA-65

    Aria Pro II TA-65 - "Aria Pro II"


    2nd hand £150 24 frets, very thin neck, double humbucker, reverse pointed headstock, licensed floyd rose double locking trem. Explorer shaped body Body it too light! Nech tried to dive to the floor every time you let go, neck slightly bent, more l…

  • Epiphone Wildkat

    Epiphone Wildkat - "Epiphone WildKat"


    Musicians Friend 'Scratch n' Dent' special (with instant rebates applied) $303 I confess that I have had this love/hate attitude towards Epiphones. The value of what you get for the money has always been great and the quality of woods and finishes …

  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone Dot"


    I bought this on impulse at Mars Music in Milwaukee for $310 on special. I own a Les Paul, mid-80's Schecter Strat, Telecaster and several vintage accoustics. 25 years ago I owned a Gibson 355 and a Gretsch Tennessean both of which I sold years ago.…

  • PRS Hollowbody II - Smoked Orange

    PRS Hollowbody II - Smoked Orange - "Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody II"


    I bought this on a Ebay auction for $2250. When I tell you this thing sounds INCREDIBLE, believe me. It does everything wonderfully. I have 21 guitars and nothing comes close this, not my Gibson, Fender or any of the others. The only thing that I d…

  • Epiphone Broadway

    Epiphone Broadway - "Epiphone Broadway"


    I purchased this Guitar from Music 123 on the internet for $750 plus $85 for the hardshell plush lined case. They were having a special with free shipping for orders over $99. I wanted an Archtop Electric for good clean tones and the ability to play …

  • Epiphone Sheraton II

    Epiphone Sheraton II - "Epiphone Sheraton II"


    I bought this guitar several years ago from Rock N Rhythm http://www.rocknrhythm.com ... it was on sale for 428.00 with hard case. I couldn't turn that down.. I should have bought two or three more. From day one the guitar sounded good an…

  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Epiphone ES-335 DOT"


    I love my Epiphobe semi hollow body dot guitar.This guitar is so versitile whether your on stage doing some kick ass guitar solos or just strumming to some oldies this guitar has your back.I bought my Epiphone Dot at www.wichitaband.com and they have…