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  • Harmony (String Instruments) Hollywood

    Harmony (String Instruments) Hollywood - moosers's review


    The Harmony Hollywood is a hollow body electric guitar that is pretty basic in make up and is pretty old.  The guitar only has a single pick up to go along with a volume and tone control knobs.  I'm not sure what type of material the neck is made out…

  • Gretsch G6120JR Nashville Jr

    Gretsch G6120JR Nashville Jr - mooseherman's review


    This American-made guitar has a gold bridge with a Bigsby Tremolo arm, a maple neck, a 22-fret rosewood fretboard, 2 Filtertron Pickups, and 2 volume knobs and a tone control, plus a master volume control.  UTILIZATION This guitar's not too difficu…

  • Harmony (String Instruments) H66

    Harmony (String Instruments) H66 - moosers's review


    The Harmony H66 is a hollow body electric guitar that has twenty frets and is made out of maple wood. It is an interesting instrument because it has a built in vibrato effect in addition to the standard volume and tone knobs. It has two pick ups an…

  • Taylor T5-S

    Taylor T5-S - °Schizophonic°'s review


    Mine has spruce top, not maple! But I chose the most similar category! USE I use it live as part of an acoustic duo! SOUND It's the best compromise for live gigs! OVERALL OPINION My main guitar is/was a 612C and I also have a…

  • Crel TeleConcept

    Crel TeleConcept - J-j's review


    All right! I brought this guitar back from France where it was made. The guitar maker is well known for his pickups: Crel pickups. This guitar is set up with 2 tremendous "CREL 666" special tele pick ups. These are 6mm alnico which shape th…

  • Samick HF 650

    Samick HF 650 - "Samick HF650"


    A Samick HF-650 Artist Series, sunburst f-hole twin pickup. I had wanted a full size 3 in box for several years and most companies did not make one I could afford. I found this guitar At Jimmy Rogers Music in Seneca, S.C. It was love at first play…

  • Hagstrom Viking

    Hagstrom Viking - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by cheyenne1958/translated from Audiofanzine FR) The Hagstrom Viking is made in China. UTILIZATION Very pleasant neck even if I needed time to get used to it. Very good access to the upper frets. Slight fret noise o…

  • Gretsch G6122II Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

    Gretsch G6122II Chet Atkins Country Gentleman - moosers's review


    The Gretsch G6122 Country Gentleman was made in the USA and is named after an old Chet Atkins tune. I'm not sure the exact number of frets, but it is over twenty. It has two humbucking pick ups and two pick up switch selectors as well as tone and vol…

  • Rickenbacker 360

    Rickenbacker 360 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Inspecteur Van Loke/translated from Audiofanzine FR) This Rickenbacker 360 is a nice instrument with its rounded shape, its hollow body and its Fireglo finish... The color contrasts with the white binding and pickgua…

  • Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]

    Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current] - spiritfingers's review


    My Ibanez semi-hollow body was made in Mexico. The AS-200 has 22 frets, and mine is a right handed configuration. There are two pickups with separate knob controls for volume and tone of each. The guitar has a maple neck and large gold plated tuning …