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Thread ISA One to audio interface

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1 ISA One to audio interface
Hello... Just bought an ISA One and wanted to know how to connect it to my Babyface Pro. According to the Pro manual, connecting a balanced line out(ISA One) to a unbalanced TS input is not recommended.

Here is the suggestions from the RME user forum:

"The BF Pro manual includes information about the balanced to unbalanced connection problems. In this case it depends on the outputs of your preamp if problems will occur or not and how to connect it"

and this from the manual:

"The analog inputs 3/4 are high impedance,
unbalanced multi-purpose inputs with TS jacks.
They include 9 dB fine digital gain control, and a
choice of +4 dBu or -10 dBV reference level"

I am already using the XLR inputs on the Babyface Pro for another external preamp and I was hoping to use the other two line inputs for the ISA One.

As you can see, I am new to this stuff!

Thanks for any help you can provide... Happy New Year!
quick bump??
you figured this out by now.
What did you do to fix it?
You can connect a balanced line to an u balanced TS port. You will lose some signal - 3 / - 6 db ecause you will loose 1 signal line.


And yes you can run into some problems like noise because it has not been canceled out...
Ground loops if you connect both shields together

But i can only tell you that I have been using trs /xlr to ts multiple times ( connecting an old analog mixing console to my focusrite { balanced} inputs)

So I should not worry to much... If I where you....
I mean yeah balanced to balanced is the thing to do... But sometimes you have no choice .. :)


It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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