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Thread Home Studio!

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1 Home Studio!
I have a couple of questions but first let me tell you what I have. I have a karaoke system that consists of an Amp, Speakers, Mic, Karaoke Player, and an Alesis Multimix 12 Usb Mixer. My mixer came with a CD Program for Cubase LE. I got a USB Cord and plugged it into my computer. And installed Cubase. That went perfect. My problem is this: I go to record my first song, and there is nothing. Not sure if I have it connected right or what. Can somebody help me?
Do you know the basics of recording with cubase? like activating tracks or selecting inputs etc??
No I don't dear. This is all so totally new to me and have no idea where to start. Ihave been messing around with it, and got my sound to where it will go from my computer to the outside mixer, but thats not what I want. I want it to come from my mixer to inside my computer. Also, I am having a really high pitching noice when I go to VTS Multimix and choose my asio driver. The only one it doesn't make this high pitch noise on is ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver. I really want to get this thing going and I know it will take time, but I need someone who can help guide me to do what needs to be done. Please help!
When you say high pitch noise, do you mean feedback from your microphone?
Yes, I guess. It sounds like a fax machine is what one person told me, its really high pitched and its loud, can even hear it over the music I play in my player! when I close Cubase or even drop Cubase to my toolbar at the bottom it stops and then will start again as soon as I pull Cubase back up. Its definitely some kind of feedback and thats why I am wondering if I have it connected properly. I have a JVC Karaoke player. I have that connected into my Alesis Multimix 12 Usb Mixer, I also have an Amp that my speakers are plugged into, then that comes also into my mixer, I also have an electic guitar that is plugged into the amp and then to the mixer. Then I have the USB cord coming from the back of my mixer coming into a USB port on my computer. Is that right?
You should try disconnecting everything one by one until you find the culprit. disconnect everything until you have only the mixer (with nothing connected to it ) connected to the computer. this way we can eliminate a lot of speculation. try moving things around too. maybe the mixer, or the culprit is in too close proximity to the speakers or your screen.
Hi! I read what you wrote and I did as you said and eliminated first the mic, no difference, then the guitar, no difference then the Karaoke player, no difference, then unplugged the amp cord, and the ringing stopped but only because the amp is what my speakers are plugged into. I also trying moving things around and that didn't help either. The Mixer and everything thats hooked to it are in the room next to where my computer is. I have my USB cord coming from that room into my room where this computer is. Let me ask you this. In my control panel on my computer, Under sounds and audio devices, what should that be in there. I have Sound Blaster Live as my soundcard. Should the settings be on that or USB Audio Codec?
Hi! I was wanting to know, you see what I have up above in My karaoke system, wanting to know what would be some of the best cd player and burners that I could get to record straight from my equipment instead of going through my computer. I have decided to do that instead of going through my computer.