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Thread Help with my Behringer Eurorack UB1204FX-Pro

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1 Help with my Behringer Eurorack UB1204FX-Pro
I have a Shure SM48 Microphone with an XLR cable hooked into my mixer, and wenever i record with it into my PC the sound waves show that only the left side of the audio is being recorded. So when i listen to it back only the left headphone has the audio playing through it. So I would like to know how i could fix this problem. All the switches on the mixer are even including Pan. Please Help.
Did you try to plug your headphones on the "phone" output of your mixer? Did you get signals on both sides of your headphone?
what did you record to? maybe its the medium that you recorded to that is set wrong? does it only comer across the left channel after you record? or all the time?

make sure that what you record to is set to record in mono or stereo, maybe the software was recording hard panned to the left, but an accident you made with the settings

i also have the same mixer, and i had problems with the power, also a pair of behringers monitor speakers i got were problematic when i first got them, maybe its a problem with the unit, because from my experience behringer stuff is prone to being faulty right outa the box
Yes I have the headphones plugged into Phone but the problem is during playback. It's fine listening to it straight through the mixer, the problem is when i play it back out of my computer and all the settings are set in the middle on my computer.
could it be the speakers at the computer are faulty? maybe the right one isnt plugged in? maybe your head phones when you listen to playback from the computer are not plugged it all the way?

check your "windows mixer" in the "control pannel" and then "sound devices" make sure that the master volume level at your computer is not panned left by accident or the wave volume level also

good luck
Ya i did all that and i checked the soundwaves and it shows Left And Right soundwaves and the right ones are flat while the left ones are normal.
ok, from what output of this mixer are you connecting to the computer? and how are you connecting to the computer? (what kinda of cable etc.)
I have it plugged through the main output
What kind of cable/s? Mono, stereo, Y-splitter what kind of plug or plugs on each end. Are you running a mono plug into a stereo jack?
Im Running two XLRs into the L and R outputs of the main output then i have a Y splitter hooked to the two which brings it into one then i have an extension that hooks to the computer Line In.