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Thread £600 budget for Home Recording equip. Help needed

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1 £600 budget for Home Recording equip. Help needed
Hi all

I've been saving money for a long time now to buy hardware for home recording,
and so I need some help on chosing the apropriate gear so I really dont make a mistake and buy the wrong stuff.

My main purpose is to record my voice and electro acoustic guitar. But I will also be recording jams with friend musicians (max 6 instruments).

I have been reading a lot about mics, mixers, audio interfaces, etc... but still am not sure what would be the best options for me.

At the moment all I have is a laptop with a crapy soundcard and my beautiful guitar.

So basicly I need to buy an external sound card, a small but good sturdy mixer, a condenser large diaphragm mic, and cables =)
And even thou Im only starting, I prefer to strecth the budget a bit and buy good stuff. I really dont want
to get cheap mediocre sound quality, and then having to get rid of it after some time and buy better..

My budget is around £600

For the mic, Im probably going either for the RODE NT1A or the MXL 2003.

My biggest doubt comes with the sound card options.. I thought about getting an M-Audio,
as I could work with Pro Tools. But its not a must. And then buy a mixer.

The other option is getting something like the ALESIS MULTIMIX 8 USB 2.0, wich from what I understood works as a soundcard and therefor I wouldnt need to buy a soundcard on the side.
Or the M-Audio NRV10 8x2 Mixer with Built-In Digital Interface (wich is a big stretch on the budget)..
or the Mackie 802 VLZ3 Ultra Compact 8-Channel Mixer, wich I cant find out if its just a mixer, or if it works
as an audio interface too, and so I wouldnt need to buy an external sound card with this options.

My knowledge in recording equipment is very little and I probably even wrote stuff that dont make a lot of sense..
But I would really apreciate some help on this as I cant afford to go wrong.