DiMarzio DP161 Steve's Special
DiMarzio DP161 Steve's Special

DP161 Steve's Special, Humbucker guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the High Power series.

Thaddée 09/23/2008

DiMarzio DP161 Steve's Special : Thaddée's user review


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- How long have you use it?
Since 2006.

- What is so special that you like most and least?
To know that I had mounted an Ibanez S520 (supposed to be mid-range) and in the bridge position.
-The sound is always clean, even at a gain level not possible, not leave the boil.
-The equation to the proper type in the larger rhythms and solos without one being eaten by the other.
A micro-balance with a good clean and rich in harmonics (it does not go in all directions unless you want).
-The output level that is neither too much nor too little, you can go in quieter styles without spot, and when we need the power, it was.
-The clean, totally unrealistic for a humbucker (and I speak not of the mode split)

-The only negative: it does not. Well it may seem strange but as some have pointed out and as I tried to explain my opinion on the PAF Pro, it is so good and at ease throughout the game with him and turns quickly fade unsurprisingly, a bit boring after a while. After maybe if I had reinstalled on a guitar with a violin I better enjoy myself more, but at least now I have to admit myself really fun the first week.

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I have a guitar with a PAF Pro in bridge, I tried to scratch in Seymour in EMG, the Evos ... I do not know what else.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
I think if you are 100% sure of his shot, it's a good plan, otherwise it can hurt the wallet ...

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
I think if I get the chance, I would do well with this one little micro scratches, but it is not really a priority, the sound did not seem "irreplaceable" by another micro .. .

I note the 9 / 10, much the same reasons that my PAF Pro, not really a criticism, but no real surprises either, and not a character incredibly unique and impressive ...