DiMarzio DP161 Steve's Special
DiMarzio DP161 Steve's Special

DP161 Steve's Special, Humbucker guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the High Power series.

childrenofmetal 08/24/2003

DiMarzio DP161 Steve's Special : childrenofmetal's user review


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I have this microphone for a few months (to replace the neck pickup on my Ibanez QM1 s540FM).
I was looking for a neck pickup powerful and highly accurate. On these two points is the best!

I let you see the features on the site of DiMarzio. You will certainly be surprised by seeing the output level (390 mV for the lazy) is more powerful than a tone zone!

I use it mostly for clean sounds that are beautiful, be it slow or arpeggios for phrass faster! (Combined with a single coil, electro c better than one) and some solo passages or solos (part bluesy or faster).

In short it really is a super micro, powerful, precise, very typical Sir designed for Petrucci (Dream Theater)!
Still, it's not nothing

I play mainly heavy thrash like sepultura, testament, megadeth .... . This microphone is ideal for a quiet little game to play solos or more expressive.

I was tempted by the SH1 or SH2N Seymour but they were less accurate and less powerful nettemant I remake that choice again!

One word of warning: you have a pickup kind powerful enough X2N or SH13 (the one I have!) For an equivalent volume output of your 2 or 3 mics ...

Regarding the price, as usual with DiMarzio is a bit expensive (~ 140) but crying a little you should have a 120
In any case I think it's well worth!

If you think finding a neck pickup with the characteristics prcits, try the DP161, you tell me the news