DiMarzio DP207 DropSonic
DiMarzio DP207 DropSonic

DP207 DropSonic, Humbucker guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the High Power series.

goldorack 08/15/2005

DiMarzio DP207 DropSonic : goldorack's user review


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Big humbucker output level and raisin bread magnets, designed by DiMarzio for the Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson. (I'm not really a fan of LP, but the sound of guitars is not bad). In addition, as a fan of John Petrucci, I saw a pair of pictures on a forum amricain o he was seen with his musicman and a d-sonic in the bridge position. So I said we should give him a chance this microphone! The two coils of the micro diffrent are seen as little as one dlivre prcis a ct and a bit sharp (the barrette, place rack in ct low tuning) and the other gives a warmer ct for solos and normal tuning (adjustable pads), basically. By distortion, I test the two: it fulfills its rle in low tuning (all the strings I dtest moles tunings too low, I'm happy to go -1 ton) The prcis sound, even if it is not incredible to the ears, not excessively aggressive, well equilibrated. Its precision ratrappe hair using this mic on a guitar mahogany for example. Beware prjugs: IT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE THE EDGE EVO. In standart tuning, it is also giving a full, big, full bodied but also sharp enough to shred. For clean sounds, it is good, (although Splitt sr) but I think that this is not a need to choose, as is the fact that we should not take it exclusively for low because the tune is subtle diffrence. This is a good microphone to the modern is versatile, enjoyable play rhythm as a solo for the metal. It's kind of good compromise between tone zone and steve's special.