Manley Labs Slam!
Manley Labs Slam!

Slam!, Hybrid Pre-amp from Manley Labs.


Manley Labs Slam! : Anonymous 's user review

«  Ultra-fast and very transparent limiter »

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Analog limiter, 2 limiting circuits FET or ELOP (optical), lamp pramplification circuit.


Simple configuration, except for the metering section which is very complte.


We have the version mastering, using insert on drums, a master bus, or any other track ncessite ultra-fast limiter.

The FET limiter brings to his incredible presence.

Its effect is equivalent L2 waves or UAD precision limit. But the resulting sound is much more natural.

We use less ELOP limiter, other optical compressors bring less distortion.


The equipment is expensive, but once you have it, you quickly forget the price, so it becomes essential.

If it is just to use an insert on a mono track, a 1176 UA could do the trick.