Manley Labs Slam!
Manley Labs Slam!

Slam!, Hybrid Pre-amp from Manley Labs.

moosers 01/03/2010

Manley Labs Slam! : moosers's user review


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Manley Langevin Slam! is a stereo microphone preamp and limiter.  I believe the pre is a combination of digital and analog components, containing a variety of connections in back, some of which are familiar and some unfamiliar.  I do know that it has XLR and AES connections at the least.  The unit is rackable and will take up two rack spaces in a traditional rack space.


The configuration of the Manley Langevin Slam! does have a decent amount of stuff going on, but after a while of playing around with it I found that everything was pretty easy to use.  While it isn't the type of unit that you can know everything about with a single glance, everything is laid out nicely in order to insure that it can be as user friendly as possible.  Each of the two channels has the following parameters: input level, output leve, FET limiter, release, an attack switch, and ELOP limiter, and a knob for choosing the source (mic, line, DI, etc).  There is also a switch for choosing the frequency of the high pass filter as well for linking the two channels and for choosing your metering.  I've never seen the manual for Slam! so I can't say anything about its make up.


It is hard for me to describe the incredible sound quality offered by Manley Langevin's Slam! channel.  Both the mic preamp and the limiter are some of the best modern units of its kind.  I've used the unit for a variety of applications including vocals, drums, and guitars, and find that no matter what type of application I'm using this for, that it sounds incredible.  The best way that I can describe the sound is the perfect mixture of warmth and clarity, which are two things that often aren't seen paired together, as it is usually one or the other.  You've really got to hear Slam! in order to believe it...


While Manley Langevin Slam! is one of the best outboard channel strips that I've used in my days as an engineer, the price tag is so large that it will shy most away from buying this, and I can't blame them.  If you're looking for one of the most well designed preamp/limiter combination channel strips, look no further.  This unit is aimed at those looking a high quality piece of gear regardless of what it costs, so I assume that if you're looking into buying this that you fall into that category.  If you ever get the chance to try out this unit, I suggest doing so as you'll want to use it over and over again!