Manley Labs Slam!
Manley Labs Slam!

Slam!, Hybrid Pre-amp from Manley Labs.


Manley Labs Slam! : Anonymous 's user review

«  Complementary to a soft limiter »

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Hybrid Stereo Limiter (FET and Optics)

XLR Connectors

2U rack


Architectural configuration simple. The processing order is:

- Input Gain,
- Optical limiter (Elop)
- Gain output
- FET limiter.


The sound is fully respected.

A very pleasant crunch is added when you compress heavily.

If the drums stand out a little of the mix, the pump slam just right.


I used to use only soft limiters.

There is no comparison: the limiters are soft top for the last dB of a master, to adjust the RMS and arrive exactly to -0.1 dB peak.

This limiter hard gives a real personality and a real punch to the sound. I often place before a varimu, to relieve him and to work in a narrow range of dynamics (the varimu resents the high peaks).

The price is exorbitant given the lack of electronics inside. We pay particular R & D, and the sound!

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