swoonboy 01/12/2007

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver : swoonboy's user review


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Being given that matrix, it looked a little funny at first but got used to it pretty quickly.

not too too need the manual, everything is instinctive enough!


Sounds, good to start do not expect a huge sound, infinite bandwidth, an unheard lightness, a roundness to rival a mini! it is rather harsh, ugly dirty and nasty! modulations in all directions, two distortions (distortion and hack) which completes what has already been well malemen filter efficient enough, and especially the feedback, the delay lines! ca deposits in his mother tong!


I've had four months.
TOC mono sometimes bothers me.
not too tried other stuff, the more caracteristiques'on
for what we do in a few excellent Q / P
I do not think I bought it, I would tend to poly and keyboard :-) )