Waldorf MicroWave
Waldorf MicroWave

MicroWave, Hybrid synthesizer from Waldorf in the MicroWave series.

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Aurochs4 07/13/2009

Waldorf MicroWave : Aurochs4's user review


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Everything has been said!

There are 2 versions of the MW 1 A and B ask your vendor to identify the filters by opening the cover.
EMC 3389 Rev. A
EMC 3387 Rev. B

Advantages and disadvantages of the 2, read in other sections for more details

8 notes polyphony. (20 years ago it was better!)
Processing D / A 12-bit - its typical grain.


One weakness is the edition of sounds. Since the receiver panel control, we forget, at least one remains in some pretty basic, with SoundDivers is already much better. For quick access Live or the Access program is essential, even when attention was quick to demolish his sound thinking refine them.

The manual is particularly poor, the add-on to the OS 2.0 does not translate it from German. (The reason for my 7 / 10)

The general config is fast, simple, effective, the only good point in publishing via the control panel to

It is clear that it does not shine through publishing via its 4 function buttons.

Practical question -> to interrieur.
A version is a pure disaster in construction, the PCB is rafistollé of strap forgotten tracks, the components are bent or crooked to get them back. The party started from a power supply that good feeling, but we did even better 20 years ago that. Positive, the tranfo is outsourced, screwed the outside rear of the MW. The welds are not very nice (some to return), the rotary version of A is a real cochonerie will eventually drop, you turn and it does not increment or increments, no skips.
So disassembly (hard) and cleaning of oxides in alcohol, and lubrication and it reppart for 2 years! Do not seek it's new found.

Version B does not have these problems of wheel, it is also much better built interrieurement. Weakness its display, which is feeble (which lacks the A version).


In the low as in the lead, also in the FX, we do what we want if we take with a little care to edit the sounds and understand the wavetable synthesis is hot crystalline, they also make little sounds a little dirty sticking a little, or very round and very fat. The factory sounds are matted and good demonstration of what little we do. A good filter is located behind made-in EMC is just the best of the best, there are 2 versions version Who owns the EMC 3389 (highly desired) and version B, which owns the 3387 EMC (ditto the big Wave). You can not force to have sounds very PPG in low as in the grain of his very typical wavetable. Filtering is 24/db octave to the proper s'ammuser, it is also possible to make the self-oscillation.

The sound of the A version is a little more punch on the bass and the filters seem to me more bitter. The sound of the B version may be more balanced. The two are good. Waldorf never contacted about why this passage from one to another -


For my part I MW A revision that is the version that uses EMC 3389, the sound is just fabulous.
I will not hesitate to buy it again, he gives in the compositions sound quite interresting, it goes with everything and still keeps a nice Personalities. Just like a PPG Wave 2.3 we always understood at one time or another. It is far from being the "has-been" quite a musician whose Vangelis, and in the right era of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Robert Schroeder and many others are well used (and even appears time to time).

Now it's on he's 20, so it has the technology that goes with it. Access Programming with AC goes well, it's not better than a publisher, but it is essential. I urge passage of the OS to version 2.0 which adds new tables and new wave sysex.

A great choice for those seeking a grain of its type! is not the sound of everyone :-)