Ibanez BTB user reviews

  • Ibanez BTB405QM

    Ibanez BTB405QM - pulvonium's review


    5 string active bass Two pickups Ibanez EQ 3-band parametric mids +. Jack blocking UTILIZATION Low easy to play and well finished. Flat on the locking jack is something more annoying than anything else. Say that if the cable is too short,…

  • Ibanez BTB705DX

    Ibanez BTB705DX - " Finally, the Low EMG Ibanez!"


    If I'm not mistaken, this is a Thai manufacturing. BTB typical form, handle 35 inches across. 22 frets on the strings of B, E and A, 24 of the Re and Sol. Novelty: two EMG 40DC, Barts ca change of MK2. Volume, blend, 3 band EQ with parametric m…

  • Ibanez BTB675 (Before 2013)

    Ibanez BTB675 (Before 2013) - nick-p's review


    specifications: - Body: Light Ash - Table and back: Walnut - Channel: BTB5, crossing, 5 rooms, Maple / Bubinga - Key: Palissandr, 24 cases - Inlays: Abalone - Frets: Medium - Bridge: MR-2 bridge, 19mm pitch - Neck pickup: Bartolini ® …

  • Ibanez BTB470

    Ibanez BTB470 - " The versatility made low"


    - Made in Indonesia, with reference technician who made the revision before leaving the factory. - 4 single-string bridges - Channel driver - 24 frets, 2 soapbar Bartoloni MK2 - Bartolini 3-band EQ, Volume and Blend neck pickup / bridge Ap…

  • Ibanez BTB770PB

    Ibanez BTB770PB - Sphinx's review


    See previous article, very good and very complete. The Elixir brand strings. The "scale length" is 35 ". UTILIZATION The neck is truly a revelation. I am not an expert bass player, I have not tried many basses and this is only the second…

  • Ibanez BTB470

    Ibanez BTB470 - " good plan" has images


    Active bass made in Indonesia.Le body is mahogany. It has a maple neck-24-box a bit wide, but thin enough, with a rosewood fingerboard. The bridge is a mono-rail Ibanez. The pickups are Bartolini MK2. For settings, volume, balance, and a very effe…

  • Ibanez BTB700DX

    Ibanez BTB700DX - marcus78's review


    Equipped with a low grip through 5 games thus Maple / bubinga. 24 frets medium pitch of 35 "and rosewood fingerboard (I believe). The table is made of ash (oiled). Easel type monorails well to prevent the strings come into resonance with each other. …

  • Ibanez BTB205

    Ibanez BTB205 - rorototo89's review


    So for the characteristics: 5 Corsicans Made in Indonesia Low active 24 frets 1 volume knob A balance knob Bonton an equalizer Neck: 3 parts BTB5 Body: Agathis Frets: Medium Bridge: B105 (16.5 mm between strings) Neck pickup: DX-N5 Bridg…

  • Ibanez BTB670

    Ibanez BTB670 - eric 65's review


    It is a low manufactured in Indonesia. She has a driver handle 24 cases consisting of maple and bubinga. His pitch is 35 "against 34" mostly. The body is swamp ash and walnut table. The bridges are separated so that the strings do not resonate with e…

  • Ibanez BTB676 (Before 2013)

    Ibanez BTB676 (Before 2013) - tibubu84's reviewhas images


    Made in Indonesia Bartolini MK2 Pickups Bartolini MK2 3-band EQ Black chrome hardware Body Walnut / Light Ash Driver Channel BTB6 5 pieces maple / bubinga 24 frets Rosewood fingerboard with abalone inlays Mono-Rail Bridge 2 Elixir Strings …