Ibanez BTB user reviews

  • Ibanez BTB700DX

    Ibanez BTB700DX - "Ibanez BTB700"


    Bought this one from a guitar shop in Brussels for some 1000€, after having tried out a few actually to test some effects, I walked out with an effect AND the bass... Very good compromise between natural sound of passive pickups and active equalizat…

  • Ibanez BTB400QM

    Ibanez BTB400QM - "Ibanez BTB400"


    I bought this guitar at Rock city and payed about 500 for it. It was well worth it. The thing I liked most about it is the price because the other ones in the BTB line are about 1200 dollars, but because this one is red the price drops. I especially…

  • Ibanez BTB400QM

    Ibanez BTB400QM - "Ibanez BTB400QM"


    Well I work half-time at a guitar shop, so I didn't actually purchase the BTB400. It runs about $500 however, and is a good deal for 4 string bassist. Like all Ibanez basses the BTB was very comfortable and had a nice low fat tone to it. I playe…

  • Ibanez BTB405QM

    Ibanez BTB405QM - " dress unloved, and yet what his own!"


    See also UTILIZATION the handle is a highway to the fingers, flat file is changed as you wish. SOUNDS Super quiet, good for recording, its precise, clean, very clean even no noise and very pêchus, very dry, firm. not low precision or jazz b…

  • Ibanez BTB676

    Ibanez BTB676 - " I love"


    Hello, I think this bass is made in Japan. Multipoint bridge Channel crossing. 24 frets. Volume, micro switch, severe acute medium UTILIZATION The handle is a highway as they say. Ultrafine for June 1st string. At ergonomics: Acces…

  • Ibanez BTB7 Limited Edition 2013

    Ibanez BTB7 Limited Edition 2013 - " excellent price / quality ratio"


    made in indonesia, it seems to me. easel independent bridges, golden finish. The handle? a beautiful board! 7-string, necessarily ... Conductor (crossing), already rolled 7 folds: hard maple, mahogany, maple, walnut, maple, mahogany, maple. Rosewood …

  • Ibanez BTB675 (Before 2013)

    Ibanez BTB675 (Before 2013) - " Not that good"


    Features are available on the ibanez site, but to summarize: Neck through, Bartolini pickups, active electronics (modified for liability, I will return) Independent bridges, handle 24 cases "long scale" UTILIZATION For the record, I had a Cor…

  • Ibanez BTB775PB

    Ibanez BTB775PB - " Ravi"


    Ibanez BTB, made in Indonesia. Light ash body, neck-through 5-piece maple / bubinga neck, 24 frets, rosewood fingerboard and mechanical oil bath, everything from classic Ibanez. The electronic side, there are two big Bartolini MK2 assets, support…

  • Ibanez BTB556MP

    Ibanez BTB556MP - " Become small Fretless"


    Maple body, natural finish 2 Bartolini pickups 3-band EQ Ibanez, parametric mids UTILIZATION Handle easy and enjoyable. Somewhat laborious passage 6 strings, but after finding so little time, I keep my 4 strings for slap, a six personal is not …

  • Ibanez BTB556MP

    Ibanez BTB556MP - " I'm tired"


    Maple body, natural satin finish 2 Bartolini MK1 pickups 3-band EQ Ibanez, parametric mids Easel individual saddles UTILIZATION Handle easy and enjoyable. For someone who wants to go from 4 to 6 strings, it is the ideal instrument. SOUNDS…