Ibanez BTB400QM
Ibanez BTB400QM

BTB400QM, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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skizodeadman 09/07/2006

Ibanez BTB400QM : skizodeadman's user review


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Ibanez BTB SERIES manufactured by Indonsie
23 frets first two strings, 24 for the last two mountains with pickups and Ibanez original elixir strings (foot)
The bridge is special because they are four bridges monotonous.
The adjustments are very complete, since there are 5 knobs (actually six, since the closest bridge is actually two knobs nested one inside the other). Volume, bass boost (AC sends infrabass ca !) tonalitselecteur micro, medium and severe acute mediums, etc ... Anyway the electronic balance
the neck is rather thin and wide and allows a lot of things (eg slap with a space between the strings of 19mm)

I put 9 because the ibanez pickups are good but a little too froid.j opting instead for the Barto (BTB series available in more expensive)


The handle is very pleasant if only one gets used.
CHAC is the acute niquel, ergonomics is very good too (it's not a BC Rich). It is not too heavy and the balance is good.
This gives a good sound is fairly easy from the moment we can handle the equalizer. The sound is still very cold (too cold at times) so preferred to modern music, although it is very well demmerde for all styles (see electronics in the ass it is a minimum)


It is well suited to my style of zik since I play a lot of modern music quite ennervMudvayne for example) but it's true that I wish the sound is warmer and a little plus.je grooove ca n uses it has no effect other than the chorus on my amp install (a crate bx160). my settings give me every possible sound (the sound infrabass up XD) but as you can imagine with always a certain coldness which is annoying in the long run.
I like the metal that I can play with and almost all what she comes out but I do not like the sound too when I play certain cryogenic clear as the song solo stuat hamm (very experienced) and stuff pretty groovy.
otherwise the harmonic sound great.


I have since the beginning mai2006.ce I love most: the equalization infinite, the mug, the gap between the strings and also found that my dear lovely (lol the criterion). I just wish the sound too cold.
before buying it I was playing on a storm (and yes it hurts) and ca m avraiment makes changement.j 'have a test imitation stingray PLO PLO and I hsit.La I did not level finish and how I wanted a bass that Tiennet road j tomber.si I could let him buy a SR500 but I can not afford (not glop). the ratio quality price is right for bon.disons 100 euros more expensive I would buy sr wood with excellent micro Barto and weighing less than 3 kg so good price quality ratio is better ....... are a lot worse (if it says ). exprerience I would do with that choice unless silent my budget of 150 euros more expensive