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  • Korg microKORG

    Korg microKORG - " Small maousse strong!"


    Note 8; not so provided in the abstract, but very well equipped for the price. UTILIZATION Note 7; the matrix is ​​a bit dicey, and should be handled with white button settings (there are two) for the μK returns to edit mode in the right line mat…

  • Korg microARRANGER

    Korg microARRANGER - " simply amazing"


    10 10 UTILIZATION the configuration is simple compared to the complexity of the other series against by the manual as all manual for this type of instrument must be written by people who do not come to the users' 8 out of 10 OVERALL OPINIO…

  • Korg microKORG

    Korg microKORG - " Mixed but not bad for the price"


    Small keyboard to 3 octaves. Easily transportable. Editable via PC and Cubase even for those who have the xml template. Polyphony: ridiculous! Effects: not bad: delays, flanger, chorus, reverb, etc. .. classic short UTILIZATION Yes, Edition…

  • Korg microKORG XL+ Classic

    Korg microKORG XL+ Classic - " A Little Monster!"


    The Microkorg XL + has the same features as the Microkorg XL with the exception of a few loan sounds (sounds like dubstep): mini key keyboard with 3 octaves. 128 sounds excellent quality all modifiable. It has a wide range of effects such as reverb, …

  • Korg microKORG XL

    Korg microKORG XL - " small but powerful"


    Very good analog modeling synthesizer. Mini keyboard keys velocity sensitive, 3 octaves with selector switch with 3 knobs, 128 sounds all the more enormous than the others: D. A wide range of effects. Presence of an arpeggiator. And of course, it is …

  • Korg microKEY 37

    Korg microKEY 37 - " Excellent"


    37 keys: this is the minimum for my taste. Pitch bend and modulation wheels: essential to enjoy all synth. No arpégiatteur or MIDI CTRL function keys ... But honestly, who really uses this feature on this type of keyboard? Other controllers or …

  • Korg micro X

    Korg micro X - " Sounds good"


    Small ultraportable Korg synth. For features: everything is explained in previous posts. The sound engine is very powerful, the Korg sound quality is there. No discounts on the sounds and effects. Many samples (maybe too much?) As a patch set, you …

  • Korg microKORG

    Korg microKORG - " Pleasantly surprised!"


    Minitouche keyboard 4 voice polyphony 2 oscillator analog modeling DSP Layer mode Configurable arpeggiator Pitch Bend & Modulation Publisher PC & MAC 128 memories rested Some complain of limited memory, I personally do not see a pr…

  • Korg microKONTROL

    Korg microKONTROL - tedr56's review


    The combination of almost any type of control: 3 octave keyboard, 8 faders, 8 knobs, 16 pads 12 programmable scenes And tap tempo UTILIZATION The sensitivity of the keyboard seems pretty random and keys are slim. Endless encoders knob …

  • Korg micro X

    Korg micro X - " not too bad"


    we will not repeat the description in each notice .... but this synth is not vrément a wonder, though!! I like the choice of sonoritées synth, very good bass. but here, on this synth, the biggest flaw is the dynamic! Brief sonoritées nice but…