fabamarie 05/14/2009

AKG C 214 : fabamarie's user review

«  trs good to assist »

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Good manufacturing, cardioid only, small suitcase, suspension, it is lightweight and friendly


I used about 4 pieces for guitar, I love, I do not think it's done to his voice, he has too much treble and not in trsdfinis m dium, I use it on 2mes voice is gnial, gives a lot of air and distance

micro trs brilliant (I chose to a), I compare my other micro MILABS VIP50 is a range well above (1200 euros all the same) and nothing see, The definition and depth. but the price to record guitars and voices can be fminines it's great. I pay 370 euros not think we are both in this price range, say it's like a top of the low-end
but honestly the voice is not Nirvana, I would say that it is a versatile micro (or so you have to play hard to qualizer). against it by the scale and flexibility in the attacks on mdiums guitar

(Fawn all I do not think the microphones versatile)

I'm happy with my purchase, the guitar made out well, bright and sharp prcis, mdiums flexible, the bass is the trs it can be brittle and stiff so it was not a lamp prampli . but the lamps are losing a lot of dtails

a good mic right even with its usefulness in a park with a report justifying qualitprix
APRS time I add another canvas because I bleuffe this microphone, I have a Neumann and a Brauner microphone and the less than 400 euros is still a place, I find it almost indispensable, it gives the brightness, can be superb exagrment but a lot of string instruments mtallique if we want them out of the mix, let me say that I use trs tr s often the instruments of ornamentation and even the choir because there is just enough in the rear and brings a lot.

on the other hand I will not take it as a primary or unique micro micro rle but in the latter, it is brilliant