Neumann TLM 103
Neumann TLM 103
moosers 03/24/2008

Neumann TLM 103 : moosers's user review


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I've used the Neumann TLM103 strictly in the studio on everything from vocals to banjo to acoustic guitar. It is great for any and all applications that you would typically use a large diaphragm condenser mic for. The only thing I wasn't happy about was that with the regular model (not the Anniversary edition) I had to purchase a separate shockmount; however, the clip that comes with the mic works fine as well if you don't care about having a shockmount for it.


I've had the TLM103 about a year and a half and I have had nothing but good times with it. It's got such a clear and crisp sound. I've used a ton of different Neumann mics (U87, U67, etc) and although this isn't as great as those classic mics, it definitely holds its own. A friend of mine did a shootout between this mic and the U87 and said he really couldn't see much of a different, except of course for the $2000 extra the U87 will run you. Although it may be a bit pricey for a small studio setting, if you are looking for a real quality mic, this is about the cheapest you can get from a company who makes the best mics on earth. I wouldn't trade this mic for any other in its price range.