Neumann TLM 103
Neumann TLM 103
lucasd'airy 11/09/2009

Neumann TLM 103 : lucasd'airy's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
See below, it shows dj prcis
1) that the capsule of U87 is indeed fabulous
2) it is not everything in a micro


- 5 years
- The quality in recording the vicinity a small bump due
- No, only a few microphones of well, the press is sold pasncessairement brands. Since I tried lamps AKG, Electro-Voice, Brauner, Beyerdynamic and it seems that, apart from AKG, the performance is well gnralement Fidler to cot; Ricardo Music West had about a Groove Tubes ... Nice try!
- Excellent qualitprix because that achieving this certainty has a cot, so it is adequate (if it were only a microphone for singing, it would plutt "good")
- Yes

The silent mode, 3-4 years ago, the TLM103 dnigrer the grounds that this mic excels in the voice speaks and would be less able to singing hardcore.
In my opinion, this opinion is not ngatif honnte trs, it is excellent for voice talking is one thing, but ingnieur sound will tell you that the famous "greenhouse proximity does not fit all situations, and is 'irraliste' in some cases (cinma, etc.).. dpend All types of voice and accompaniment (both "Transformerless" must Obviously well be round to give a valid rsultat). But as his owners know, there is trs good for strings and wind instruments, so versatile, and up the akm ( Obviously, then saturate it, but you have plenty of room before reaching this stage). Still, he should not compare the lines out of proportion.
But for this kind of petty or small hostile [qu'videmment because, in part lgitime fear is that it ensures the lowest common dnominateur and therefore takes all more than proportionally with cong Nres (but they are REALLY trs below, except that I did not test the GA or Heil)], the ingnieurs sound chip included in the "minimum list "a studio. Duly noted. Obviously if you have the option of a U87 acqurir ... this is not comparable. If you have found an original and reliable microphone that outperforms, you do not like the blow Pigon.