Neumann TLM 103
Neumann TLM 103
yoTrakkz 11/09/2011

Neumann TLM 103 : yoTrakkz's user review

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Got this mic (TLM 103) from my local Guitar Center store. The price was high but the name says it all. It does just what I wanted it to do. It sounds like "nothing". VOC recorded in my home digital studio sound natural, open, as if I was there live doing it. It sits in the mix like nothing else I have. I can turn the channel way down and the vocals are still very much a part of the mix. I got Mogami cables for the full signal path and I'm sure that helps a little....if you crank the preamp you must have the iso mount. And no mine didn't come free with the mic. Here is the low down, you get what you pay for and this quality is the best that I have had from recording at home. Its not cheap at all, its pretty expensive and it took me a while to save for it. But once I heard it I knew I had to start saving because this was the mic that really made me sound the best. It will do the same for you as well.


This microphone has really made a name for itself and for a good reason. It has a nice natural sound to it and works well in many situations. I have used it on drums and vocals and have been very pleased with the results every time. The only down side is the shock mount doesn't always come with it, but other than that, it is hard to lose with this fantastic piece of gear. I haven’t had a single complaint with this mic or even seen or heard anyone else complain about it when they come record at my house. They all love it, but when I tell them how much it cost they all say they wont be getting it. But if you want cheap quality then go to radio shack and get a mic. If you want great quality invest in your career and yourself and get the TLM 103.