fabamarie 04/24/2012

Neumann U 87 Ai : fabamarie's user review

«  the true legend »

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One of the most versatile mics I know


it deserves its reputation, I will not have much to complain when his grades, with, I really discovered the word transient, it is capable of many things and mix it is a treat

it will not go with all the voices, it is not particularly strong, nor in the grave or in the treble, it will do its job with flair, which is why when you have a doubt in your park and micro shortly, the U87 will always be a very good choice and as much on the voices of other instruments

if you need a mic for your voice, take more time to look and try, if it is a renowned micro and considering the price, it is better to find a microphone that will go to your voice like a glove and the original and will really be in for a preamp, it would be stupid to trust only in legend and realize that it is appropriate that much to your voice. so test before buying

If you already have some microphones and projects, it will be a strong ally and will bring you lots