milsabords 04/23/2005

Neumann U 87 : milsabords's user review


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Sound recording studio, optimized cabin. static capacitor.


I use it for 5 years is a micro both neutral but with some grain and not the same to me as those found on the new home market today. it is not comfortable on the catch of his acoustic guitar with nylon strings and flamenco as it takes a psychic "remote" and the wheezing is produced by the nails and all sorts of mechanical noise due to finger ... it is necessary to move for those guitars on the type of c U89 (see response curves for U87 and 89 sites.'s output level is low enough and I have to go through two preamps succecifs if I do not want not "stick" to the guitar (which produces a pretty disastrous time) at least a good preamp behind should not be neglected if we want to make the best because the output level is low. on the other hand to yell inside and more when working in the cabin studio, there, I say perfect! any good for my jonny that! I owned the Paravant a "trash audiotechnica" then one has a 4033 and a 20 .. but its mkh EQ (MKH) in diffuse field was a disastrous effect on my guitar, I quickly sold the AUI. and then here is the u 87 ... in fact I was looking for a U89 ... but it's hard to find opportunity to France.The prices remain high despite everything. and then there are also rode, dpa, microtech .. I would take autrechose actually present at the hour because for my use, this microphone is perfect casi right next to it that I should ... but I do not cry either.