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Scaby 08/02/2002

RODE NT2 : Scaby's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Use for voice and instrument.
Large diaphragm 1 inch (25mm) with no output transformer.
Omni directional and cardio. Cardio used in 99% of uses;)
Attnuateur-10dB and 125Hz high-pass -6 and-12dB.

Use attnuateur for percussion, and-6dB high pass for fminines voice, or else do nothing at all and correct the low frequencies on pramp, walking as well.

- The microphone really off-road ... sell the rest;)

- Main Caractritique:
Ultra-Flat in rponse on the spectrum, a lgre bump around 11k-12kHz, to add the presence, so do not do ncessite rglage conventional 3 dB for 11kHz voice.
It trs cash out the sound pressures and strong grabs both the fine nuances.

- For use with pramp worthy of the name (Mindprint for me, but also things Presonus INTERESTED trs).


Used daily for 1 year for instruments and voice, it is absolutely off-road and everyone praises her MRIT the studio, particulirement for guitars (nylon or steel).

Warning: many people do not know just ask microphones and rler APRS.

For voice: DCAL lgrement the axis (15), placed 50 cm to avoid the voice excsd "proximitquot effect, that the sound dnature .

For acoustic guitar: 1m place of the instrument, and especially not to seek the soundhole, but rather left hand. Everyone complimented the NT2 in use.

For percussion, hi-hats, etc ... : Used with mitigation, beautiful on cash, and if you place the microphone correctly, your exact is once again up to your expectancy at.

Post all apprentices ing-static sounds with thousands of francs: Stop criticizing your microphones: ALL IN THE INVESTMENT!

Report qualitprix great for the NT2. In fact, I do not see why dpenser more for a static studio. All Neuman TLM103 or U87 is especially worse for me because they are not as flat rponse frequency drives, so if one seeks a sound and really rel acoustics, avoid. (On the other hand, save some money for a good compressor that costs pramp gnral in more than a good static!)

That said, my advice is to rather Behringer B2 (as many test), which uses cheaper for the same cell of an inch Rode NT2 as a prsentation more "Taiwanese", but works just as well (around 1700 FF), or even his new little ERRF B1 (not test ... but hey ... FF 1000)

Last tip: To impress your musicians, do you buy Neuman labels and stick them on the Rode and Behringer ...