PectusOrisConcept 09/23/2005

RODE NT2000 : PectusOrisConcept's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Transistor condenser microphone with slecteur directional (omni, cardio, eight), low-cut filter and variable attnuation!
I would say that this mic is good to do everything (even if I did not try on everything, the cost of this test I do not think I put myself in danger by shouting its versatility!) = excellent on voice on acoustic guitar, guitar amp before (just place it before and it does the rest ...) and I even tried making global (that silent in a room acoustics filthy ... I placed the microphone before a mtal (clear vocals and death, two guitars, bass, drums) and I surprised to hear t each element separately Fawn! (well made bass, bass drum, overhead, Submitted guitars, and likewise for the song)


I have a few months, but I have not had a chance to use it thoroughly. However, what I've heard so far really pleased me!
Aside from the weight of the microphone that requires attention particulire when put in place (may be that adding a weight of 5 kilos of muscle the base of the foot (threaded through the center ) is a solution ...), consider this microphone seems to have that quality. I will not clean all the sensitivity of the static that makes the slightest rverbration of the room is amplified ...
Before him, I used a Berhinger C1 and tried the T-bone SCT2000 (lamp) ... I do not regret my choice.
The report price is good quality and I think I would do without this choice hsiter!