LRStudio 05/18/2011

RODE NT2A : LRStudio's user review

«  Excellent value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Large-diaphragm condenser microphone (requires phantom power)

Pre-designed for voice, but also excel in other situations

3 polar
attenuation 0, -5,-10db
low cut 40, 80hertz

See datasheet


I have not had large enough static membrane to make the best possible comparison, but I have heard recordings made with a number of static, and I honestly think he is doing well for its price, even compared to the Neumann!

The sound is clear, straight, powerful, has great presence and is relatively neutral (I mean, there are no holes in the passband). It integrates a priori very well in a mix.

The proximity effect (severe reinforced) is quite far, the pop filter is required within 50 cm. Besides the bundle version is very nice, support anti vibration and pop filter on the same piece, it's great!

On the grave of a djembe, bass clean and defined sound perfect.

A snare: you forget, in my test: zero punch

On an acoustic guitar is clean, but lacks some precision, because of the low reactivity transients. If you do buy one microphone to catch live or re-recording, it is still relatively versatile, thanks to its directivity, and can therefore be a good solution.

The directional precisely, are quite effective, even if I did not notice much difference between "8" and "Omni" (not tested too much to be said, since I only needed the "heart").

No breath, one of the quietest mics, market, noise from my PC (very quiet in real life, housing Fractal Design R3, about 25db) is much higher than the breath of the microphone.

Obviously, product prices tight, no briefcase, just a protective cover standard is already something, but you take care of the microphone carrying case!

Verdict: 5 / 5, recommended, value for money excellent!