RaphRaymond 01/15/2009

RODE NT2A : RaphRaymond's user review


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I'm going to go fast on this part, the Rode site is well done. It is a large diaphragm microphone with three electrostatic directionality (Cardio, Omni and Bi), two cups low (40 and 80Hz) and two attnuations (-5 and -10 dB).
It comes in a cardboard box with a small kit and a simple clamp trs. I have benefitted from a suspension gives the elastic o SM-2 provided silent so I did not even dballe the clamp. (And if the store but for the mk-319 because it also fits the SM-2!)
The knobs are on the front of the microphone is not trs trs Aesthetics, but very practical as they were before the eyes ... (Albeit anti-pop ...)
Trs low noise, output level comfortable plutt medium-high is a microphone sensitive enough.
Caution is trs heavy prvoyez a good start with a good counterweight (or foot without pole).


While the sound ... (I use a mk1 Goldmike, pramp lamp plutt prcis trs and transparent, it is obvious that the characters can change depending on pramp is used).
Obviously the 3-position ring of Manir quite Different. Personally I do not like the bi-directional, the sound lacks a bit of air, space, and it is trs nose (quite dsagrable development of the band 800-1kHz). I do not use it I do not speak.

In Cardio dj is much better. A diffrent distances the sound is always clear and Retailer. As you approach the microphone, the effect of proximity is very well gr and we will not need to break the overflow serious like crazy. The mdium trs is enjoyable, there is the body but is late. This is not a microphone to make voice raw feeding. The extreme acute plutt is highlighted but it shines with great gentleness and finesse also, it will not rise above the frquences 7kHz to mix because it gives micro really not bad, but we are not obliged to decline because they are pretty. There are between 2kHz and 5kHz that sound can be a bit "dr" according to sources and the proximity of it. Cel said nothing excessive, I myself even a voice so nasal and mtallique high enough, but I do not need to fall more than 2 dB EQ, and even while dpend catch the musical context ... (But if your a girl you have a nasal voice and your pramps are slamming trs / gloss, it may become aggressive). Please note I did not say that it was inappropriate to vote fminine, on the contrary it may be by the fineness and lgret he excels, the men could missing a little bit of low-mdium warm as that of NT2A plutt neutral or even a little cold.
In short, we must think of it as a microphone 250 to 300 it will not be perfect!

In omni microphone becomes neutral trs. Sr Although there is no effect but the proximity of small agressivit mdium also disappeared leaving a softer and finer the image of the extreme treble. It can sing without the microphone derrire concern (the sound is really a little less Retailer I doubt that being aware in a mix) but not on CTSO the we lose too much top-mdium and acute. In this directivity normment it lends itself to anything and can go anywhere you need a jack o soft, shiny and plutt ar.

Given its price I think it's a good micro trs caractriserais soon as I "prcis, plutt neutral or bright." It is a ready-made micro compltementaire my mk-319 which is a bit poor but bright possde just a grain trs pretty warm, intimate, almost sensual ...
Over time I think I would take a deuxime NT2A to a pair of omni classical training and resume (quartet, choir etc ...) I am satisfied with trs trs but beware does not the torque of gear that could make the sound a bit harsh.

At this price, and three directional possdant there that day, and I know that the C-3 of studio projects that I could not test it would be interresting to compare!