Rémy BDR 06/28/2012

Shure PG27 : Rémy BDR's user review

«  A good little mule mat and strong! »

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On paper it's nickel, but the ear, er .... Careful anyway. Not very top end of the spectrum and the mediums that puke a little.

This is a static condenser Cardio everything from classic.
Heavy duty construction that allows to use also live in llieu and establishment of a dynamic type SM.

on the other hand in the studio, he quickly finds its scope: preferably large acoustic pressures battery type, percussion or other poltergeists. Or subcultures amp; where we put a SM57 by reflex. It's more subtle and better defined anyway, but little else in the end.

Against by the voice, that very lack of finesse in clairemnt register of high mids and treble. AT2020 is a lot better. a female voice is to be avoided I think. I prefer the Audio-Technica without hesitation.


I bought secondhand a year ago and I very happy following. I made good catches on with its winds, however, not easy to capture (Doudouk Peter Gabriel: Levon Minassian) on percussion and difficult as it has been successful. I compared it to an AT2020 (see above) and also to other large pickups (class and price of about x10). You should know of course put in its place ... Do not ask for the impossible price. It has its place in a park that's mic cetrain.

In conclusion: secondhand in good condition and is a good buy, it is discussed in nine. I think right now if you search in the Lambda brand (and other kinds Eagletone T.BONE) equivalent must be found for less. I tested a Eagletone CM60 which seems pretty comparable to the level made for less than half for example.