hexalto 12/05/2005

The T.bone SC400 : hexalto's user review


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Already detailed below. I do not the remake.


For more than six months. I had a succession Samson C01 (gadget), an Oktava MK319 (never managed to draw the very substance) and the T-Bone SC400.
Considering the price, the quality is unbeatable. The votes are taken rather clear and balanced if you equip it with a pop filter. Obviously, the management of distance mouth / micro cotton is a bit to adjust (it saturates quickly) but I guess the pre-amplification for many plays (in this case the Behringer UB802 mixer for me, it does better side amplification micro ...).
A € 59 with our friends Teutons, no reason to deprive yourself. Unless you prefer the SC450 or SC600 that look really good too.
Of course, this is not a Neumann U47, but the price is 10 times lower as well. So in quality / price ratio, for home-studio demos and unpretentious, a great choice.