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Lighting news

  • New Chauvet COLORado Series Models

    New Chauvet COLORado Series Models

    10/28/10 in Chauvet COLORado Range IP

    Chauvet announced the launch of over a dozen new wash lights, moving yokes and event lighting fixtures at LDI 2010, including new models in the COLORado series.

  • Barco Wholehog 3 Console

    Barco Wholehog 3 Console

    10/14/10 in Flying Pig Systems Wholehog 3

    The Wholehog 3 provides two monitor outputs, keyboard and mouse ports, MIDI input and output ports, two USB ports, Fast Ethernet on a rugged Neutrik Ethercon connector, and speakers with stereo audio output.

  • Barco/High End Systems Studiopix

    Barco/High End Systems Studiopix

    10/14/10 in High End Systems Studiopix

    StudioPix is a hybrid wide-angle moving yoke LED wash light with programmable graphic imaging, and the second product in High End Systems’ new line of Pixelation Luminaires.

  • Barco/High End Systems Showpix

    Barco/High End Systems Showpix

    10/14/10 in High End Systems Showpix

    Showpix, a combination high power LED wash light and programmable graphic image-displaying fixture, represents the first in HES’ new product line of Pixelation Luminaires.

  • Barco DML-1200

    Barco DML-1200

    10/14/10 in Barco DML-1200

    The DML-1200 is a moving digital luminaire which can be used as both a bright moving light source and a video projector.

  • Barco/High End Systems Showbeam 2.5

    Barco/High End Systems Showbeam 2.5

    10/14/10 in High End Systems Showbeam 2.5

    The High End Systems Showbeam 2.5 automated wash luminaire features a jointly developed Philips MSR 2500-watt lamp source.

  • Barco intellaspot XT-1

    Barco intellaspot XT-1

    10/11/10 in Barco intellaspot XT-1

    The new intellaspot XT-1, a high lumen output/low wattage automated luminaire targeted to the mid-market, is now available.

  • American DJ Quad Phase

    American DJ Quad Phase

    10/11/10 in ADJ (American DJ) Quad Phase

    This LED moonflower can mix and blend 13 colors in all - red, blue, green, purple, yellow, cyan, white, light red, light blue, light green, light purple, light yellow and light cyan.

  • American DJ Revo Burst

    American DJ Revo Burst

    10/09/10 in ADJ (American DJ) Revo Burst

    The Revo Burst is a LED Moonflower from American DJ boasting a 46-degree beam angle and 294 LEDs arranged in 7 equal clusters that strobe and turn on/off in synchronization.

  • Chauvet Cirrus Laser

    Chauvet Cirrus Laser

    09/25/10 in Chauvet Cirrus

    Chauvet Cirrus is a laser featuring a green and red laser web effect combined with a deep-blue LED ripple effect.