Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Native Instruments Maschine MKI

Maschine MKI, Loop Sequencer from Native Instruments in the Maschine series.

freezerman 08/10/2012

Native Instruments Maschine MKI : freezerman's user review

«  A rustic sampler, sequencer slightly edited, a proper VST host »

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RAS on the installation, shuffle on my 11 inch with Lion. In 10 minutes everything was settled.


Flush with the side stability. But hey, I'm running Maschine in standalone, nothing goes next.


I used Maschine for a month. Note that I am the sampler since 1997, I thoroughly mastering a lot of samplers / sequencers material (notably the MPC4000 Akai and Yamaha RS7000, which are far from basic instruments) and I am very very very squarely disappointed with the party sampler and sequencer part of MASCHINE.
My main disappointment is that I expected to find a sampler / sequencer with lots of advanced features, when in fact everything is archibasique, and very short of what I could atendre a sampler in 2012 .... especially to run on a computer. I MASCHINE with the painful sensation of stepping back rather than leap forward. Amazing is not it?

It lacks basic functions like time stretch and pitch shift.
Looping samples is totally unintuitive
We lack MATERIAL CONTROLS for sample editing (the PLAY FROM, TO PLAY, PLAY LOOP MBM particular are absent).
The slice mode is OK, provided you have short samples. If you must cut the sample in more than 16 slices we retroucve with slices unusable because not mapped on the pads. It's like twelve years ago with the MPC2000XL.
No Reverse loop: the loop is still playing in the same direction, you can not read the buckles 'ping / pong' as the MPC4000.
No editing of the pan of a sample (stereo to mono for example).
The extraction of a slice from a sample slice is impossible (to map the keyboard for example). Must duplicate the sample for that.

Pattern editing: Choose and edit the events with the mouse is painful and nearly impossible with the hardware. It's disappointing.
No pattern stretch.
No playback of MIDI files (that's ridiculous, frankly)

Compatibility with MPC programs:
Do not believe them, only some programs are properly imported, tired layers, the mute groups, etc. are recognized aps. Programs with more than one bank (over 16 pads) are imported from several GROUPS maschine els which makes difficult to use ...

My advice: buy one rather than MASCHINE hardware controller of your choice (cheaper) and give you a license REAPER (60euro) which is 1000 times the MASCHINE software in the sense that it offers the same features (and more) and more and more (such as audio editing, multitrack tracking etc.).

The only real plus point of MASCHINE (compared to my hardware samplers) is the host and chaining VST effects: three effects available at the GROUP, then 4 still possible at the MASTER it allows to make really sound level. It happens that I do not work like that of the blow for me is not really a plus.
The quality of PADS is also noteworthy, very responsive and pleasant to use. However in play live I do not see what use my stuff, other than for sets archisimples because the PAD MODE with its three functions available on each PAD is a bit messy.