Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Native Instruments Maschine MKI

Maschine MKI, Loop Sequencer from Native Instruments in the Maschine series.

ThisIsTheSky 12/27/2011

Native Instruments Maschine MKI : ThisIsTheSky's user review

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The installation of version 1.5 was done without problem, which has not been the case of update 1.7 or nothing worked at first.

Notes updates were not at all clear. It should be galleries in obscure forums to find information.

But it's still correct, so 6 / 10


Mac ProBook DuoCore 2.6 and 4GB Ram iMac DuoCore 3.2 and 4GB Ram.

Yes, it turns easily on my setup that is not the most powerful cry last, but not the slowest either.

However, the product is still a bit unstable, but I know worse: Ableton Live 8!!


I used it for over a year before I decided to revendredernièrement. Primarily because it never entered my "workflow" in my way of working. I retrouvaisfinalement to enter my notes with the mouse in Reason 5 & 6 or keyboard in MOTU BPM is to say!

The controller hardware is of excellent quality, nothing to say! The pads are significantly higher than those of midi controllers Akai MPD series. They are downright fun to play with. The two LED screens are small but effective and visible. We can really do without the mouse if desired, no matter what the knobs are not worth those of my Moog synthesizer in "tournabilité" and strength. Personally, I can only hardly do without the computer screen and mouse as a matter of comfort, and that's where the bottom lies.

The interface software is simply zero. This will surely improve with time, but in the state, I find poorly thought as often in NI. Frankly, it does not invite me to work. The controller also has its share of flaws ergonomic. Of course, these are details, but it contributed to the fact that I put aside gradually Maschine: tedious multiplication of sub-menus, use the "shift" for some vital functions, the metronome difficult to engage, the absence of pre-account (like 4 clicks before recording) or automatic triggering of the recording (as on sequencers Roland keyboards), the function to be lousy swing (Roger Linn is not been there) The absence of an arpeggiator worthy of the name, and especially the height of idiocy, the function of quantification "50%" you quantify what you have done instead of focusing on your last entry. Then it might be me who does not know how to use this, but in this case, Maschine is not at all intuitive as I have watched many times in all menu options and preferences.

The bank is provided with a good quality, comprehensive and wide enough, the sounds are very typical and NI Berlin scene. Very good for all afficiados of Electro House and other genres minimum. This is not my case. I am a nostalgic and I love his old school, both for electro, hip hop, techno or progressive pop. But for those who live with their time and hype, the bank comes with a 1GB should make them happy easily. Then we can load all the samples you want, NI producing its own additional sound banks that I have not tried.

The integration of VST and Komplete 8 allow some use Maschine as a full DAW. Personally I do not like its interface and software for instrument loops if the fly, I prefer to use Ableton Live (despite its big stability problems), the functions "browser" of a DAW like Logic or Live, and the uses a keyboard sound that still largely in my favor production of melodic lines. Regarding the use of VST plug-in like effects, again, I prefer the Logic mixer or the concept of Live.

Add to this that Maschine fits poorly to a DAW, making it unstable and hyper showing latency problem, for me the dice are loaded.

In summary, if I am aware that Maschine can completely satisfy its users, particularly in "stand alone", that it is perfect music to some kind (minimal, hip hop as a solid alternative to MPC) it never managed to convince me and the finish I prefer my keyboard with weighted keys AKAI MPK88, Motu BPM Kong or 6 Reason to produce rhythm parts, and my usual two DAW (Live and Logic) to record and sequence of melodic parts. I had bought Maschine because I still have in me nostalgic for my first drum machines. Today and tomorrow I separated, I expect Tempest Dave Smith is to come in the mail :-) a completely different product to hopefully other types of rewards.