Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Native Instruments Maschine MKI

Maschine MKI, Loop Sequencer from Native Instruments in the Maschine series.

BlakeS 01/11/2012

Native Instruments Maschine MKI : BlakeS's user review

«  I found what I wanted! »

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The installation went very smoothly how long can that especially when you have hundreds of gigabytes of VST! (The time Maschine gets all the first time).

No problem of incompatibility as I am on Mac and everyone knows the reputation so I would not say anything ...

The manual I seem to be enough, but actually I really fly. I much preferred the youtube videos NI data is clear.


I have an Imac Intel from 2008 with 4G ram. (The trick to what date ...) But Maschine works fine on this config and software has never freeze once since I use it.


I use it for a year and I must say that Maschine continues to amaze me! You should know that when it came out I wondered what was rotten stuff out yet and I have boycotted until last year without ever having not tested ...
Version 1.5 and 1.6 have all changed with the ability to import VSTs (any kind), MPC60 and MPC3000 mode, export audio, the best integration with the software and especially the Drag-and-Drop which is among other a revelation!

I like the interface Maschine I think we found it fast enough even if it's quite confusing when you come from a world MPC (Groups? Scenes ?...).
The pads are nice and Maschine is super light so you can take it anywhere. Basically, as Needlz says it can do almost everything that an MPC ... but faster! (The higher the drag and drop).

On the negative side, I'll stay on this problem between hardware and software ... SOUND! I still have my MPC 5000 and the difference is clearly felt (the sound is colder ... The sound of Maschine software what)
And with Logic and if you not understand the Logic of Drag and Drop (including tips and its found in the forum) it can become a plague in the first place.
The fact of not having audio output does not record directly from the PC (or Mac) BUT there is a little trick that works great at home but I'll let you look on youtube. There is a guy who gives it;).
THE new Renaissance MPC out soon, that does not look terrible at the moment, but which can become overwhelming just because it's Akai.
Ah yes! The Midi Change of Logic Maschine, never found someone who knows the solution but hey it's not a problem

In summary, to speed up your compositions is extraordinary and in addition there are a thousand ways to do it but beware of the Renaissance and MPC do not give up the case if you are on Logic.