Boss RC-20  Loop Station
Boss RC-20 Loop Station

RC-20 Loop Station, Looper from Boss in the RC series.

ddn 08/23/2013

Boss RC-20 Loop Station : ddn's user review

«  Very suitable for my use »

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Boss dual format of the same series as the echo space, the slicer, etc.. It's solid, subject to manipulate the knobs normally.
A real bonus is that it supplies with classic barrel 9V boss, not a jamman.


Setup, use, everything is super simple. It deserves to take a look five minutes in the manual to set well at first then it rolls.


For me, this is perfect. I only live in the loop and I do not use any pre-recorded loop so all the handicaps of the machine including limited memory and no PC connection does not matter to me.
Transparent, or nearly so, restores the original sound pretty good.
A particularly interesting to me: it has a reverse, that is not the jamman and is essential in a looper with the use I make. In addition, you can press the reverse, is sampler, the sound is heard in the place, then stop recording that plays live upside down, it looks very interesting I then resample the looper effects from (I have 3 in my channel ;-)


I month, it suits me perfectly. I had a JamMan just before and I am robbed during an exchange with an unscrupulous lout. That said, the RC 20 is much more suitable for my use: it is simple, solid, plugs into a standard power supply to pedalboard, it has a reverse function and for the price it is found secondhand (less than 100 balls) I think it pushes all the competition.
If I had to find fault I would say it is a bit big but it was smaller use would be less easy.