Boss RC-20  Loop Station
Boss RC-20 Loop Station

RC-20 Loop Station, Looper from Boss in the RC series.

Korma 01/08/2003

Boss RC-20 Loop Station : Korma's user review


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The Station is a loop pedals Loop (Loop)! It can record everything you want for a period of more than 5 minutes! (Instrument, see, sound from any media type, walkman, Minidisc, string HiFi, computer ....)

It can also record loops into banks, which allows to restart the loop when it is needed, see even in concert!

Connections at:
Between an instrument
1 microphone
Between an AUX IN (stereo mini-jack type)
Shift from a Phrase
1 entrerverse
1 x Out

It works with batteries or a transformer.


At the faade, the use and handling of the device is quite simple and fast (you can dbrouiller and use the basic functions without operating instructions). With the user guide you learn the little idiosyncrasies as recorded loops in the banks, make a loop tempo dj records (handy for live performances!)

How it works

Pressing the pedals on the left to record the loop, we still support the pedals on the left to arrter loop (the part played again!). We still support the pedals left and you can record one channel supplmentaire (as many channels as you want!). The pedals on the right is arrter the loop and tempo caller (to save a tempo, or to start recording a loop in a bank, a given tempo!)

Basically, for those who do not want to take the head with a machine the loop is the RC-20!

A BMOL all of the same, the most important for this type of machine is rgler levels of output and, if the loop recording is like yours, there is a lack of gain!

Even if the pedals seem sturdy do not bang around like crazy. The sound is recorded on a disk which is quite fragile, there may be minor pests long (I have from time to time ..... it's rare any of the same!).


For sound quality, once the levels of output and matriss, the sound output is identical to the output! As for the mini-jack input (for walkman, CD, Chane ...) the sound restitution is the same!

I play with my guitar, my bass and chapman stick and my everything goes well!


I have the pedals for a year now, and I have not had any particular problem. I use several fawn:

- Work for jazz standards: I register a grid and I play the most THEME improvisation, it is all the same convenient and super fast (the time of the grid!) Compared recording on PC for example!

- To compose songs

- Live on benefits in Pub

- For Boeuffer! it is super cool !!!!!