Boss RC-20  Loop Station
Boss RC-20 Loop Station

RC-20 Loop Station, Looper from Boss in the RC series.

Royalclik 09/23/2003

Boss RC-20 Loop Station : Royalclik's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Well then good, let this new Boss RC-20 loop station effect.
I sometimes find the hardware Boss a little ... cheap, but they made the fort.
The RC-20 is a sampler vritable in real time which is the diffrence HeadRush (Akai) and the delay model (Line 6).
While these last two are good trs delay in providing a longer delay time sufficient to allow layering of sentences of about 20 seconds, the RC-20 10 proprose patterns oneshot + 1 for a total of 5 min30 (I've never reached the end of 5min30s). Moreover, it saves your samples in internal memory without batteries. In this regard a first flat, I apprci that they can be extracted by smartmedia example. But then some will say, rightly, that this sampler is not in ca.

The case in mtal (robust) trs reflects the good quality of fabrication.les pots are flexible and rev prcis.
A REC pedals and OVERDUB (superposition at infinity), a STOP pedals, which also, in the beating rate of cre a tempo or change the tempo in real time in your loop (time stretching ).
Very practical all the functions available super easy: the output volume, the volume of the instrument taken, the volume of the microphone jack, the pattern selector (optional foot triggers (about 10euro, the switch)), the volume of mtronome.
Not to mention the reverse function dclanchable foot (optional) and a source function that allows disoler a guitar solo from a CD (a little anecdote to my taste, but good.
9 so as not to 10.


3 options available to you now:
1.You dclanchez you-even the pt pt of departure and end of your loop. In this case you will have to a little time to adapt to couraging qque carr.Malgr thing I could hear, if that DCAL is your fault!
1 + 1 split second split second after a quarter of an hour ... decale ca ...
2.1-based "auto start" is available, REC is pressed, the recording does not begin until your Premire note.C is ultra convenient and efficace.on we close the loop is always even.
3.LA-rc-20you also allows you to enter even the desired tempo (loops impeccable) and formats of measurement: 4 / 4 6 / 4 I jou one day a beat in 13 / 8 if I remember correctly.
Later you can change the tempo of your sample without changing the pitch: this function works pretty good, with good quality up to some extreme (do not push it).
In short, despite a rather long run of pedals, the Systm is reliable, simple, super intuitive and allows wonderful things live, I use personal THE FIRST cit above function which allows great maneuverability.


The sound.
Well, that's all 16 bit numrique 000htz 44, I do not see any diffrence with what I have to record, some will tell you it's a bit cold, it lacks warmth, it ca, I think we arrter especially touching.
In short trs sound good.


I use it for a year now and it has opened new horizon. For starters, trs well rc-20 will allow you to listen what you play and play up. I used to live and I think that it has fulfilled its role perfectly thanks to the change in pattern. it is an instrument in itself, no effect pedals (although the reverse is good).
It becomes, in itself, a tool for creation and support'm so excited but rarely ...
Well if I had any remarks: a smatmdia to extract samples, and especially whether multitrack (indeed, we superimpose always new sentences on the original sample, a blunder and the whole pattern you just gun down.
Finally, the price, it is what it is (try to touch it for 300 euros, it will be good).
PS: a good idea to see if this sampler packs the crowd try to find a used one!
J. We