Boss RC-20  Loop Station
Boss RC-20 Loop Station

RC-20 Loop Station, Looper from Boss in the RC series.

Jayce8 03/15/2003

Boss RC-20 Loop Station : Jayce8's user review


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Device used to register and so CRER loops.


The ease of closure is very simple.
Even if it is a little street in tempo, after 10 minutes it is cool loops.
The manual is clear.


It is true that a spit what we give.
The only problem will be rgler the different volume levels.
If any records to the same volume was rough. Therefore must manage the guitar volume.
Then if you live in and register when the loop starts the sound level is too low, it looks stupid.
So be careful, if a loop prvoit advance prvision home in a concert, the sound level will be enough (I actually have .....).


I for a month.
I'm a little deu.
Let me explain. IL possde 11 different memory selectable by a knob. If prvoit a loop to the verse it is recorded on the memory 1.For the chorus the two memory (this is an example ..). With pedals (optional) is just tell the rc-20 to start the loop 2, once a loop is finished. But once the refain will finish a damn good to be back on the ball 1 REPRESENTATIVES that the verse!! It's stupid but really stupid.

Then imagine that you play on a loop you CRER home. You want to spend the next blank is to create a loop live. To do this you press the pedals (optional ..) to report that once the loop you want to spend over the next one. And has not work bah! If the next memory is blank Zobi fly, he wants to know.

I think I would have to try it for further use because I want to do this does not fit me too.