Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

HardBlues 07/11/2012

Epiphone Les Paul Standard : HardBlues's user review


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Mine dates back to 2000 and was made in Samick in Korea.

The characteristics are that of a Les Paul ...
I have completely redone the electronics:
- Gibson Pickups Classic 57 and 57 +
- CTS knobs
- Switch Switchcraft jack and
- Condos oiled paper
- Cabling 50's


The handle is comfortable and is also a 1959 Slim.
Approximately 3.5 kg of maple and mahogany can feel it but it's not annoying,
Side ergonomics is not a Les Paul Strat has the defects of his qualities ...
The original sound is not bad, the microphone is even more serious good treble a bit garish in contrast. They lack a little precision but do the job.
With proper wiring it gains enormously in character for a very reasonable sum. I think it's really to make the upgrade, after determining the type of sound to which you want to go (vintage or modern).
The change in micro helped me refine the grain and make a little more precision and finesse.


Perfect for me, you get sounds from Blues bodied (Albert King), at the old Hard (AC / DC) via the Rock and Pop couillue trend ... (ZZ-Top, Oasis ...)
I currently play in a Tech21 Blonde, between the two with a Proco Rat (sometimes) or a Maxon OD808 (often).
Turning down the volume are also obtained beautiful clean tones that are used to address registers coolest.


I use it for 12 years, and whether for sentimental reasons, it is a gift, or I do not see any objective model could replace it. Except maybe a Gibson Reissue, but one is more in the same rates, besides considering my level of play that would be wasted ...

Please note that notice, like that of Obiwan76, for older models made in Korea, it seems that the current Chinese model quality is not really comparable.