Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

lindse 04/01/2010

Epiphone Les Paul Standard : lindse's user review


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I just bought this guitar 460 euros in store, tell the truth I do not know if it's a standard Plain Top or more standard (if someone just help me):
-mcaniques Grover accuracy of all than my Gibson Faded Lespaul
- Al sleeve with a beautiful rosewood fingerboard all the beauty faded Gibson is infrieur regarding the handle (much bigger and thick, less well finished)
- Mahogany body, lighter than that of the Lespaul, I prefer the Gibson with no varnish thus leaves or wood and stroke the wood.
- Table flamm maple any beauty Gibson has no maple table at all.
- 2 Humbucker Alnico very good quality they sound less dry than 490 of the Gibson Faded.

Both say right away if you hsiter Gibson Les Paul faded between 700 euros and Epiphone, Epiphone take, the finish is much better and the Grover mcaniques better quality of the Kluxon.
I sidr by the quality of this guitar compared eg Prs Santana SE.
Compared Gibson USA, the Chinese manufacturing helps to provide more for less chre.


I bought this guitar mainly for its sleeve. I love my Gibson Les Paul faded but his neck is too wide and thick to play quickly, the key is more bad quality.
The handle of the piphone is round and less thick, much faster and the key is of much better quality has sees the naked eye.
The ergonomics are very good, the guitar is slightly lighter than the Gibson, if not the form we like it or not like it, I love it.
I find easy access to acute but on the other I'm not ct Satriani ...
We immediately get a good sound.


I read reviews that say we need to change the pickups, I not rpons. Really not worth it.
Compared Gibson, the sound is even better, less dry, more fat on the neck and just as sharp in acute microphones.
It's the sound you love, bold, warm and full on the neck pickup. I do not see the advantage to mount a 59 Duncan will be certainly more prcis but will not have the Gibson grain. Compared Gibson, I prefer the neck pickup of piphone.
In clean you can play blues, jazz.

The bridge pickup is a bit less powerful than the Gibson but really you have to play for hours to realize it. In any case, it is better than Santana Prs Se.
This Epiphone presents a sound less modern than the Gibson, it is better for the blues / rock, hard / blues but play metal, Take the Gibson. The sound is drier, more modern law.


Very frankly I will sell the Gibson Faded because aside from the fact that there are marked Gibson on his head, it is well below the Epiphone in comfort. For Epiphone sounds made many Interim progress I remember the old Epiphone factory in Korea whose sound was almost deaf. So do not believe the guys who sell Epiphone Core or Japan by saying that it sounds better than new. That is completely wrong! Epiphone is widely at the Gibson Faded especially well above the old Toka I have 25 years of experience ... If you really want the sound pure and hard Gibson, take the standard 2000 euros, I had a studio which was still worse than the faded.
I put 10/10 Epiphone this knowing that I do not know if it's a standard or standard addition. A truly amazing guitar! An audience will not make the difference with a standard Gibson, I think the guys who change the pickups a bit to do anything because the pickups are really very good.