Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

sam66 12/16/2010

Epiphone Les Paul Standard : sam66's user review

«  Epiphone Les Paul model? the right choice! »

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manufacture in korea (!) u very comfortable handle a little off but its okay
22 frets frets with a few small flaws finishes but nothing serious (it's still not a gibson!)
cons by the weight of good shall be identical shoulders!
microphones origins whistled tt therefore change trains for DiMarzio Evo II
mechanics are correct after 15 years they have not moved! crachotent the knobs a bit, but it manages with a bomb blows! the rest not care very nice run


varnishes do not hang your hand and are quite resistant to the sun ....
weight form is an acute lespaul therefore access to a fair bit but know where you're going with this kind of guitars!
after changing the microphone sound is to go and found the benefits of a heavy body that has good sustain with nice overtones a good balance of all frequencies are in!


Good with these micro jazz is not good on the other hand rock blues hard rock neo metal is plenty to do! I play on marshall jvm 410 and finally I can get a clear sound, with a transistor amp was too powerful microphones and sound saturated Desuite! there with no problem beautiful lamps found the personality of the guitar in tt modes clean distortion crunch and more!
Perfect for rock style Deep Purple Led Zeppelin AC / DC etc. by microphones that are my top is versatile but in some areas the not amuse myself by playing country music with the microphone on it (it's on !).


2 years ago I wanted after a large flow of money to pay me a real lespaul made and I was disappointed by the prices and the models they offered tt (try more than 8 lespaul different landforms of 1959 to 2008 models!) certainly sounds typical varnish the wood were all very well but at the end of it with my Epiphone a15 years I really have a good instrument that cost me much much cheaper and with two three modif tt is made to my expectation this would be a shame to buy a guitar at 2000 € and change the pickups Desuite as possible and there's not kill the budget! value for money is excellent for me and if it was to do again I would do this purchase the difference is not obvious with the "true" to the final!
I like the least? not much except the pickups origins but be a bad little series that know .....
and the shield that I turned Desuite!

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