Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top

Les Paul Standard Plus Top, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

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Curtys O'Brian 08/10/2004

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top : Curtys O'Brian's user review


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Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony Left MODEL 2003 with a border around crme
the 4 pots with an amber vase shape down the two covers on the back of the body are colored crme,
if Batman had just said about this guitar clean gnrales CHARACTERISTICS

mine is up with mcaniques Grover (3x3) models are apparently the last ride with chrome Grover mca brand
I bought them with ropes trs soft on them, not so good when you're used harder.

I have not changed the plastic nut for a graphite or bone ... is that much better? the diffrence is she feeling?
ties kouroi are the original ones (chrome)

8 because 9 is too close to perfection and is good Epiphone, but for now, no veneer of party, just that I find the pots are mounted askew because when they turn the bend of a cot .. nothing mchant


Les Paul body shape, except the head is diffrent from that of Gibson, but you think what you will but I prfre the head Epiphone, I know why, it is diff rent and I prfre,
- Pickguard color crme, although enjoyable when you push the back and come from a little too hard mdiator ...!!!
- I love the handle, so I pass on my qd imitation Start, comfort level I feel lost, it's too flat, my rhythm s'enchane less (I ... more rhythmic) handle the Les Paul is anchored well in the palm of your hand is a style prcis, but when you take your foot like
- Access in acute ... bah we do with, when we will not even make a dfonce lol ... I'll n'ys rarely, but when it is m me not hell, just dpend solos jous ...
- ESG slice a little beginners (I n'tais not really used but you get done, and you just do Clisse ctes crush or sever your veins .. it is still wise.
the body seems smaller APRS a strato example, but I like it is heavy (lighter than a Gibson) we really feel like a musical instrument in the hands, a guitar close belly makes you vibrate when a saturated ... oh the other! the friend Sunday
vacuum is, a sound correct, but with extra light strings has a frieze max in serious but it's not really a problem.

9, because I feel comfortable trs, except with the tite tobago nylon strap qumander Total Guitar, bah hello shoulder, do not play ... the shirtless the Bertignac hh .. live without in December with a good well-padded leather strap wide, no problem, so j'hsite to 10


So it's a topic on the forums that brings the most value GERRIER, yes yes
c powerful sound, warm, with sustain, now we dveloppe.
I play mostly rock (Stones, Oasis, ...), a softphone can go to the hard (ACDC. ..) blues, soul or funk
First time when you're used to sound with his Fender Blues, bah littralement has changed, I have struggled to beginners ... APRS will we tame
if I find the pots of Tone are not exceptionally varied sound, from 0 to 10 bah has changed between the two ... but so so has to change or not?
the other in level I can not switch the position diffrencier intermdiaire and the "Rhythm" whether or CLAIT drive. Will has made another'm normal?
I like a clean sound, it's hot, I find that a ring trs "vintage" difficult to explain, in this in any position. it's true that it is more his forte, the sound clear, but there are only three possible 'compartment must get used to a Start. when I find that beginners IMMEDIATE is attracted to the saturation because the power is felt, is discovering the magical world of doubles! but we must clean sounds have more charm!
speak into the saturated bah that mean? has a drool drool is true, and when people say the wrong sense, I find that a lack of precision, in harmony, clarity of sound, distonctions notes (jme r qt is the power ...), but is not everything ... hhbr /> in such a saturated ring vintage
nanmoins when you do not know the double standards there way to have fun ... without DCON.
APRS if you have a minimum of practice, bah I think we're trying to change the pickups,
I think it will make him a lot of good, and I will take (because I think that one day ... .. unless the lottery ... as ... the older sister .. . you follow me) and probably of Seymour, trying to choose a MODEL gives me a vintage sound that will suit him like a glove ...


I've had two weeks, not like, I myself dja habitu I like it
I have not tried Coxx AIM at all, the comfort of non-Thurs .. blah

report quality price ... haha ​​yes I am left handed I pay so it's more expensive compared Toka Orville ... or others ... c real expensive, but I have not tried these dernires, their mouths sometimes lacking in charm, in the Epi Ebony mm .. trs with beautiful chrome hardware ... Cherry sunburst but the trs is beautiful too ...

then continue to the best of the length (yeah yeah I know ...) I balance my upgrade when the ides of this guitar, I have not ... but I'm in the ides

- I keep mca Grover
- A micro SH1 59 in sleeve
- A micro SH4 JB in the bridge (not sr)
- Strap lock (Shaller or Dunlop ...)
- Bone nut or graphite
- Changing the pots?

tite going good guitar, the pleasure is 8 (average of the three ...)

deuxime in a guitar I will Tlcaster (mex well s ^ r..)