Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Les Paul Studio

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 76 reviews )
 32 reviews42 %
 32 reviews42 %
 4 reviews5 %
 3 reviews4 %
 3 reviews4 %
Audiofanzine FR12/05/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Gibson Les Paul Studio
(Originally written by TheDeed/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
It's not necessary to introduce this legendary instrument. Small reminder:

Mahogany body with maple top.

Mahogany neck. 21 frets, rosewood fingerboard, '59 neck profile (slim tapper)

Two humbuckers: 490R (neck position) and 498T (bridge position).

Two volume and two tone controls. 3-way toggle switch.

Tune-o-matic bridge.

Vintage "green key" machine heads.

White acrylic trapezoidal fingerboard inlays. Wonderful cellulose varnish.

Chrome or golden hardware. I recommend the chrome version, which will surely look nicer as time goes by.

Made in the USA. You can find documentaries about its manufacturing on the web. It's wonderful. Body and neck are made with digital machines and everything else is handcrafted.

Sold with a high-quality case with padded handle and white plush on the inside. The case is perfectly shaped for the guitar.

The guitar comes with a user's manual and a key for the truss rod. A quality control certificate is also included. And that's it. I would've liked to have gotten a small collector's gift like a strap, a cable or a cleaning set for example...

Gibson also provides a life-long warranty.

Fender only offers a 5-year warranty.


The well-known Les Paul defects are always the same:

Neck profile, heaviness and access to the upper frets.

I don't consider them as defects but as particularities, which can be accepted or not by the user.

If it's too difficult for you to get to the upper frets, a double cut Les Paul will solve the problem.

Regarding the weight, if you are willing to give up part of the sustain and the sound roundness, try another Gibson model (the SG provides more mids and highs for a more aggressive sound, or an Explorer, a Flying, etc.).

Regarding the neck, you can choose between the very slim '59 profile of the Studio ('60 profile for the Les paul Standard) and the famous and thicker '50 profile.

It's a matter of taste.

I previously played Fender guitars (Stratocaster and Telecaster) and I didn't have any problem to adapt to the neck of my Les Paul Studio. It has a short scale, which I find easier to play compared to a Fender.

Regarding playability, it's easier to play a Fender than this Gibson when sitting. I needed some time to adapt to that. On the other hand, if you're standing use a wide guitar strap in case you're not very strong. The wider the strap the better the instrument's weight is distributed on your shoulder. Look at Slash for example, he uses a very slim strap but he often puts the guitar on his leg. Once again, it's a matter of taste.

FYI my Les Paul Studio weighs exactly 8.8 lb.

When it comes to sound, everything is easy if you have a good amp: Just plug and you already have a good sound.

Just play with the EQ settings of the amp to shape it.


I play mainly rock stuff (AC/DC and others) but also blues, pop, heavy metal and power ballads. The guitar is perfect for every music style. I always get the sound I need.

I use a Vox AD30VT modeling amp. The Boutique OD, AC30 and UK models of this amp sound great. I'm thinking about buying a small all-tube amp to get more out of this guitar.

As to effects I only use a Zakk Wilde Signature overdrive pedal. It's the overdrive paradise.


My opinion regarding sound and value for money, based on my experience:

In the store, they had two Les Paul Studio (red and black). I first wanted an SG Special (I'm an Angus fan...) but then I tested the black Les Paul. And it blew my away. It was love at first sight. The guitar of my life I guess...

Since this guitar was more expensive than the SG I had to go back home to check if my budget allowed me to buy it.

That evening I combed the web reading forums about the Les Paul Studio. The next day I went back to the store to buy my black Gibson.

My first advice is to try out the guitar you want to buy... Web shops are great but not for this!

When I got to the store I noticed that the hardware of the red Les Paul was chrome plated. I had completely ignored that guitar the day before.

So I asked if I could try the "wine red" model. And I was very surprised to notice that the guitar is much heavier. It sounds fuller, more massive and rounder. Typical Les Paul! It was a miracle.

So I recommend you to try several guitars. One day before I wanted the black version because I played it after the SG, which had a very sharp sound so the Les Paul seemed to have a very round sound.

But when I compared both Les Pauls, I immediately knew I wanted the red one.

So don't rush yourself and take enough time to compare several guitars. And consider that a translucent varnish allows you to see the wood quality and to know how many wood pieces were used to build it. Many people say Gibson uses better woods for translucent finishes. I don't know if it's true but considering my guitar I could easily believe it...

One last remark: if the price at your store is too high compared to a web shop, don't hesitate to try to bargain with the shop assistant. Print the web shop offer and bring it to the store, discuss the warranty, etc.

I paid a bit more than if I had bought it on the internet but I got some additional gifts. Thanks to the guy at the shop! The value for money is now perfect. And the advantage of this store is that it's only a couple of miles away.

Sorry for this very long review but I wanted to share with you some other information that doesn't have to do with the guitar itself. Everything has been already said about the guitar anyways. Its average grade on all websites ranges from 92 to 96%. So...

I'm ecstatic with it...

hubby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Serve as the first Gibson"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Purchased in 2012 in France
Everything has been said about the characteristics

Mine is equipped with microphones 490R and 498T


On the 2011 model like mine is a big inning.
However, it is easy to play including fast legato. Indeed it is jumbo frets, it helps.
on the other hand, if you crossed the agreement on a long time you get tired.
The finish shows some blemishes but not awkward to use as my model sounds (I tried hyper guitars that sound good but not finished).
The ground rope as on many kinds of guitars out of tune easily Lespaul (I never knew why).
Downside to a mechanical missing a bit of precision.
As the key was a little dry for my taste, I treat once a year not to lemon oil blow sensations Nickel.


My guitar sounds. This is why I bought it after trying in store by chance.
Both empty, clear (playing on the tones and volume) in full. And at all positions.
What Gibson sound.
Ultimately more versatile than what some say a Lespaul.
I have a Lag Roxanne made in France; the lag is great but different, the gibson sounds softer.


Used for 2 years

No regrets with my purchase.
Maybe not quite finished well for the price but hey it's not what I asked.
A try before you buy because I do not know if all sound and well settled as mine

TAJ873's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Arrrrrrghh"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Les Paul guitar Nashville with Mahogany body with tone chambers and solid maple table. The handle is mahogany and rosewood (I think) in 50's Rounded.
Power level was a 498T bridge pickup and neck pickup 490R.


This is an LP so ergonomics is no longer present, in terms of weight that is relatively acceptable, the string action is set fairly basic and the game is pretty nice.
Level finish, I will not complain guitar is beautiful.


A powerful and effective sound, ideal for good riff rock. I play with my PB and mo amp Amp FX and the result is terrible. Its very typical rock with a warm grain. The guitar shows limits on the nag but at the same time it is not his field, I have a Godin Redline for that.


It's been 6 months since I played with and I'm still in love, bought used in superb condition, it is for me the guitar I play the most. I had the opportunity to play on a standard LP 60s and personally I prefer mine, the weight makes them more manageable and the sound is more straight forward.

moi_34's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good for all .."

Gibson Les Paul Studio
See google for Gibson LP
The finishes are not super TOP -> 9
White, black, gold, I find it very beautiful.


Handle well, right, right.
Balanced guitar


Mesa Boogie, Marshall.
The sound is clean, predictable.
The dynamic is very good.
The whole is less and less singing a living standard, or ES335.
The sustain is great (ebony?)
Crystalline sound on demand.
Good fat saturation, present and clean classes.
In this guitar, there is nothing to throw away, everything is good.
It is very versatile (hence the name 'studio'?)
It is all very well: rock, jazz, blues, pop, Varietal, solos, rhythm, etc ... and it is always very clean.
It has Gibson sound, but without the specific magic large Gibson (much more expensive).
If you are looking for a very particular sound, this is not the right guitar.
If you want to play all, with well-known sounds and without breaking the bank, this is a guitar that you should consider.

I fully share the view of 'King Loudness' below.


For 2 months.
Very good guitar, serious, effective, pro.
It is found used 800 euros and sometimes less.
At this price, this is a very good deal.
The Spicer12/29/2012

The Spicer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Magic"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Everything has already been said.

I wanted to add that level against finished, I had to redo some modifications on the pickguard so that it is fully seated and not hit against the table every time I put my hand on it.


Weight heavy enough but we made it quickly, I personally do not feel more.
on the other hand, when it comes to lugging in his hut, after a while it becomes VERY heavy! But hey, we console quickly by saying that a les paul in his hands.

The neck is perfect for me! I love it, I feel I put my hand on a cushion whenever I play, though it may not please everyone.


The sound is great for what I play! I play mostly rock, with a big, fat sound, the bridge pickup is perfect for this style! We feel that in "as a pick!"
However, I find a little molasson 490R, it lacks attack and volume output for my taste.


A perfect guitar for my game, with a handle is great microphones that send the block!

faufilou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A beautiful instrument"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
I do not assume the characteristics they have been mentioned before. Mine has the distinction of having a handle 60 (ie the thinnest and I love it!).

It has mechanical gibson "luxury" (This is a 2011 model, wine red color.)

I was hooked as soon as I tried it. But I had been disappointed before trying some models, but then I fell in love!

The finish is good, although my luthier had to do a little editing (purely aesthetic) as the paint had jumped behind the neck 2 cm (hey at this price point, I must be the guitar nickel!)

The case comes with custom, this is the class!

I added strap locks because, well, would not break down!


The handle is nice, but i get used to the. I was playing on sleeves rather fine and i readjust a bit of me.

Small flat on access to acute. We can not say that it is really cut to shred, it is a little less easy to play on the last boxes.

The neck is super comfortable against. You can play longer without getting tired.

It is very pleasant to play, against the form of the body that I am more at ease standing than sitting, it is surely a matter of habit.


I use the micro side easel rather solo in his light. Once you put an overdrive or distortion, it sounds really good! Sustain, presence, everything is there for me!

The sound is warm, round, I love the clear sound with the microphone in the neck position or intermediate. Corrections are effective.

To me, you get a good sound from that branch. An amplifier, reverb and it sounds really good. I think it sounds as good as its clear that its saturated, which is not necessarily the case for all guitars.


While some say "yeah, but good new models, this is not the same." born that neither my friend! I tried with handles logs 50, and I said "no, no no, it's not possible!"

I have not seen any difference in the depth of sound compared to older models. And I've tried many other models, sometimes much more expensive and also less expensive, and there I came across a studio that sounds good. I was even surprised to see that there are no obvious difference with the Paul standard in sound.

In conclusion, I have read a lot about the studio, but I think that above all, we must try to choose the right model, and especially to pay by a luthier.
J, did bring action orders. It is mounted on the 10/46. I play rock, funk and jazz, and it suits my style of play

The only thing a bit annoying is that it tends to detune a little too quickly for my taste.

You should also know, it is covered with cellulose varnish, so do not put it anywhere, I paid the price with a rubber stand that left marks. And it seems that some people have problems with the handle sticking time. So a carefully maintained.

10 being the best, I put a good 8 out of 10. It is a beautiful instrument.
I remake that choice without hesitation. For me it is a good value for money.

MrFlashh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" sure value ..."

Gibson Les Paul Studio
usa gibson les paul studio ...

conventional manufacturing gibson lp, mancge mahogany neck, rosewood key with pearl rectangles, mahogany body and maple table .. without bindings (white lines along the body)

2 humbuckers are both bold and incisive. perfect for blues, rock, hardcore, funk, pop, jazz .. why not and even metal. the sound is very balanced and easily takes a central place in the mix.

this guitar is a must for a solo blues, rock and funk-soul .. big sound very fat, with a strong presence and low-medium warm.

the handle is wider than that found in fender, but remains relatively "thin" for a gibson. the binding makes it very fluid.


the handle is very nice, and little tiring.

it is a gibson lp, so this is access to acute or tapping, it is not as comfortable with one or charvel lag .. but this is not the main objective. (I say this for the "modernist-purists" .. I personally do not like the sleeves square Ibanez Jem, and I take my foot to play the van hauling a LP .. but I regret that there is no affordable LP with floyd!)

Another downside: you have to be tough, it weighs! it is better to start with a big padded shoulder strap (leather yen too ugly): at the beginning, I wanted not one hour standing with the guitar! => = Répets muscle.

Gets it easy to sound good? ... yes, it is a plug n play guitar:
and you plug it sounds. and of course with a compressor and a wah, a phaser or chorus, it's huge. let alone OD or distortion who sing the guitar. the sound is balanced, but I avoid the neck pickup on the rhythm is too loaded bass. by a lead against greasy lover or solo kills.


I play on a hughes & kettner attax 100 preamp and a lamp mfx VOX TONELAB ..
and some native plugins on inxtruments guitar rig or ik multimedia AmpliTube

As stated above, the sound goes from "hot" to "fat" and ç'est well balanced ..
but it sure is the opposite of a telecaster with birch handle!


I have 10 years and I have tried almost everything .. I had strato, Tele, ES, flying v, explore .. U.S. and other rosewood handles or birch

all sold (each time to buy something else ..!) except LP gibson epiphone and explore.

a gibson is not given, but its worth it. if you have the dosh and that is the sound you are looking for, do not hesitate to lasseras you do not!

but models are "cheap" in Gibson lately I do not know if there are mods, passke wood prices and wages have not declined in states it seems .. and the dollar as much.

gibson rocks!

Bitozar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A Gibson correct for not too expensive"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Les Paul type guitar, bought in London.
2 double micro coils, the tone + volume knobs and switches that go well with with (3 positions).
The lifts are not top, it lacks fluidity in the settings. The holding of the rest acoord correct.


The handle is big enough. It feels good in the hands hands that's not the best for Schreder. Good thing it's not my goal.
Access to Acute is correct, no worries. on the other hand, like all the models of this kind, it is heavy. I usually play sitting down, so no worries. But standing, it is not comfortable in the long run.
Buttons and switches can find a lot of sounds but I think the race tone is not very precise. Basically, we go to the original song sound smothered in a very short time (1/5 of the race of the knob). The rest of the race I am not useful because the sound becomes too dull.


I play blues, rock, pop and metal, mostly on modeling amp (Vox AD60 and Fender Mustang / GDEC)
It is ideally suited to most genres but does not allow me sounds crystalline or aggressive as my Strat. It lacks some versatility to my style. The two scoops are all very complementary.
If one considers that its area is rock and hot sounds, it makes the job very well. The bridge pickup is very good distos rhythm and solo. It gets a bit messy if you push too much grain. In clean sounds, although he attacks while retaining heat.
The neck pickup is very good sounds. I do not like to sound distos, the results imprecise. It also can be a personal preference: with all the guitars I play, I almost never use the distortion in the neck pickup.
His favorite subject is the British rock 60-90 years.


For less than € 1000, I was able to offer a Gibson. So, admittedly, the lifts are not top, the neck pickup is average ... But all is very consistent and allowed me to have the sounds that were missing from my Strat.
A good guitar, a bit expensive, but I like it.

Froideval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Okay ... but turn the microphones"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Everything is here ... and French:


The most ergonomic of my Gibson. It is lightweight (3.4kg) and well balanced. A real pleasure to have him on her lap.


No doubt for me ... she deserves better pickups (like Burstbucker pro) because it is messy with its original pickups. Well equipped they will be even better I'm sure. I will complete my review in due course.


Very good and nice guitar. Mine is 2010 bought second-hand 750.

Poilor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio manufactures in the United States
Annes 90 - trs heavy trs his stable, incredible sustain.

Two humbuckers: the 498T in bridge (see opinion) and 490R in the neck pickup, both of trs good microphones.
Gibson Bridge PBBR 020; mcaniques rcupres grover on a gibson standard.
Mahogany neck with key al trs beautiful rosewood, 22 frets.
1 volume and 1 Tone by micro, slecteur 3 positions.
It lacks a microphone simple indeed to find some sounds I spend on other more versatile guitar.
The violin is SERIES but trs correct.


The handle "tree trunk" Designed specially for bcherons is a highway. In fact, the ergonomics are good trs, the frets are enjoyable. Access in sharp notches is facilitated by a profile silky.
The weight of the guitar Whereas (prvoir a wide strap), but a guarantee of sound quality. Indeed, on essaysrcemment MODELS I t surprised by the lgret the body (is it of mahogany? Have I thought for a moment and demand it was a modification bnfique ... For Paul alone: ​​the sound dplu me.
Whereas I do so more weight as a inconvnient.


Trs round neck pickup, I used for voicing for jazz clean sounds that require the grave. The bridge pickup is sharp, I have long been used for the metal and trs is good, only a DiMarzio or a Duesenberg take my mind the comparison. May be a little chtif for clean sounds you want crystal (it is a question that I go simple micro for versatility on the instrument, but this requires making a dfonce and good, c is just a sacr Gibson) ...
We can use the 490R into overdrive (or crunch) for a more stoner is convincing.
I attack many amps, sometimes in just a Joemeek between Cubase and more often a Jmp-1 - Mesa Boogie 2:50 about HP Hughes & Kettner. Whatever the legalization rcupre what you want it, the pickups are good trs.


I play this instrument for over ten years, but I have not abandoned my old Yamaha because it possde a floyd (I frquente certainly not assiduously). I also played on Agile 8 string as well as a fender in frne (the one with the famous Duesenberg micro, so musical).
For the price (just over 3000 francs era) I do not hsit long.
The ease of the handle (a binding Reduces tune a bit more) is a combined sensation that I do not connate elsewhere: it fits easily into the ropes (right hand more flexible, because chewing gum a little groovy and warm) and they sound until we shall adopt the no. Channel driver? It is as if c'tait useless, as it is al.
If I were stolen, I Rasht one, yes, but not new: it seems that rcents The models are less well made, the woods are in Tuve SCHS or whatever what else. No nostalgia for lower Tagus, but these old sr (not so much by the way) taient guitars assembled with more care twenty years ago.