Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Les Paul Studio

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 76 reviews )
 32 reviews42 %
 32 reviews42 %
 4 reviews5 %
 3 reviews4 %
 3 reviews4 %

slayer76's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" my Premire GIBS"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Guitar United States with tun o matic bridge handle al trs good game and easy to play but as usual the gibson I need a lil stint at the lute as trs set wrong !!!!!! : (


Channel trs enjoyable easy access to acute not too heavy compared to a custom sound level and as a std from gibson as almost same in micro!


suitable for all styles of music from 1960s to the present trs versatile guitar (such as rammstein guitarist uses all the original)


I for 10 years and characters I do not spar because it is a good little guitar line instead of the home saloprie unplayable gibson melody maker as one who catches assholes.

I said it is a standart equivau except that it did not bending!

report quality price is great for 1000 euros was only nine real gibson is simple but well finished (not like it merdouille of melody maker)

it is as if ferrari was 4 door cars without paint and a two-cylinder engine all this to say that I have a ferrari bah it's the same for melody maker

will_bru's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My guitar for me"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Made in the US, 22 frets if I do not talk nonsense, the rest is a gibson studio 92 what:)


When I bought it at the time, I found it very heavy, but I was immediately seduced by the "gibson", namely, full of serious, sustain, and so on. To the big rock, I have not found better.

Channel super nice when I do a solo on a song, it is what I use. I feel comfortable with it, but obviously, it's been 20 years (devil) that I have, it also plays a lot.

on the other hand, it is not super versatile, you must love his sound and not try to play like a telecaster for example.


Settings for a long time now, I prefer the simple
guitar - cable amp.

By playing on the volume that I can vary the sound of a fat to almost clear (but beware, once again it is a gibson, even at a volume that task).

For now, I've played on Marshalls JCM, the Mesa Boogie tube and my faith deposit that severe. I hope to make it taste a Orange one day, but it will first deliver my finances afloat ...


For the low-end Gibson, I have found my guitar, but I play in a blues rock record, hard, rock and roll that lends itself to playing with this guitar, I'm not sure you can use in any style ...

I love his face (burgundy), sound, easy to play on the handle.

I also have a telecaster, a MusicMan Luke II, and a Hagström Viking, but to the Les Paul Studio that invariably when I turn my sound I want to print on a piece of me ...

bobbyblue's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good but not top"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
description is well established
+ point:
light guitar
sound (even though I actively changing the board microphones! personal I opted for the classic 57 classic and 57 +)

the handle carved with an ax no regular hyper: | and finishes !!!!!!


les paul studio 57 + classic vintage sound at a good price guaranteed resonance (at the time)


I use it for blues, funk, rock, hard rock, jazz (very interesting) by connecting a model fender concert
I mainly use the amp saturation of the boost that I sometimes with a Fulltone OCD
I was looking for a very distinctive grain vintage (paul person, acdc ..) so I changed the original pickups that I found rather impersonal


I use it since 1995 was my first "real" guitar, les paul remember my first) I had never tried before others.

it can be a good guitar at a reasonable price as long as it customizes some microphones;) and we take the time to try other

remaining big problems in finishing the series (I hope this slows down the rendering has been resolved), which did not justify such a price

I have been compared with models of vintage models 70 'and c the slap sound and very different anyway! Small studios are less dense so its a less compact
I do not regret my choice but I still got lucky they do not sound all like that;)
I would save would be to remake one more for a model with more range or into a home to a luthier (c my choice for 2012)

ulval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Mahogany body, curved maple table
Mahogany neck / rosewood fingerboard 22 frets
Benchmarks "Trapeze"
2 humbucker pickups 490R and 498T Alnico
2 volumes and 2 tones
A 3-position selector
Tune-o-matic / Stop bar tailpiece
Chrome hardware
Color "Red Wine" slightly revealing the wood grain


Mine date from 2004
This guitar is quite heavy (nothing to do with the new LP from the market) but you get used when it is well balanced.
The handle is big enough, it's a good "breeze block". I find it great fun to play rhythm or plans Ceratina solo rock but the size of the handle may bother some people.
Easy access to acute and tune-o-matic is great for everything "palm mute", the portion of the hand fits all alone.
The curved table (based on a table violin) is very nice.
The pickups are good, to play rock or metal.


This guitar is very suitable for rock, hard rock / etc, the sound is a bit greasy but that's what I want.
One can also make the metal with, see extreme metal but in this case we need to change the pickups, the Alnico too I just found for this kind of music.
One can obtain a clear interest in playing with the buttons but overall tone is a guitar that is more for saturation (well at least for me).
The've tried it on the transistor and the lamp, in 2 cases it's still good even if I have a preference for a good old Marshall JCM 900 2-body (I find this config great for rock / Stoner) but it is very well on a small transistor amp (Peavey or other) also play at home.


I use it for around 6 years, I am still very happy.
Before I played on an Ibanez Silver Series and when I plugged in the Les Paul Wow!
I tried an SG Standard, too, the handle is thinner but I prefer my Les Paul sound level.

What I like about it is weight, sonoritée (a little fat with a good gain), the tune-o-matic super nice for the "palm mute", the handle (it is a "breeze block" but a "paraping" pleasant).
The price / quality ratio is very good (890 euros in hand) but watch out for new series that have nothing to do and in my opinion too expensive for what it is (too small and of lower quality finish especially in level of the varnish).
Which can disturb it are big enough stick.
I would definitely do it again this choice

NB: Provide for the strap lock guiatre does not fall with a strap.

Palbinet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Check before buying"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
U.S. manufacturing, electronic hardware and classic product.
Nothing special to report archi-known model.


Some will find the handle a little big for me no problems.
The same applies to weight, if one uses a fairly wide strap is very bearable.
Sound, it's no surprise du0 LP and after testing I have found no difference with a standard. Clearly the binding only increase the price.


I used to play the blues she knows very well, but for some titles I replace it with a Strato sounding less fat.
I'd say the neck is very good microphones, mixing handle / stand is good too but the bridge pickup alone does not please me I find it a bit garish.

I plug in a 6L6 tube amp 40w 1 X 12 "Celestion and a reverb pedal and a Boss character Sansamp California. In this configuration I get a crunch sound not too runny.


I just take it after 2 ½ months of waiting. Nothing to say about the store that gave him his job, but instead is Gibson's trade policy to be reviewed in depth. Being unable to give a delivery date for a manufacturer of this size is not acceptable. Better! Do not give retailers information on orders is equivalent to making fun of customers.

Then the product quality. Again there to review, a mechanism is installed wrong, the wrong key is sanded on the sides, in short, it's slapdash, the quick by fucking again the customer.
A Chinese manufacturer malformed do stupid things like that we can understand, but for a box of 150 years old gibson as it is beyond comprehension.
In conclusion it will be the last gibson for me.

berdeforcal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" 1991 gibson ebony"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
It's a gibson studio 1991, so the keys are ebony and I love this hit. The handle is very nice, thinner than other Gibson I've tried. I like the single cutaway so I find it ergonomic, but it's subjective


The handle is for me a highway. This guitar has great sustain, I tried an sg faded and a studio recently, it has nothing to do. The note never stops, it's great. I found super micro but I had not found a suitable gibson me at the sustain and playability,


For sounds, I put a video on youtube, a cover of wake up by mad season, you will understand, I use a blackstar ht5s a cry baby wah. This is the perfect guitar for solos. In his clear, I love it. For heavy rhythms, it's not a guitar made for that, I have two custom 77, with a seymour SH4, the other with the dimebucker. With three guitars I have all the sounds I like.


played with for a month, I had tried other Gibson did not suit me (I often do not like the sleeves that I find too big, although it is good guitars), I also played on sg faded one that disgusted me, so it was rotten. There are excellent Gibson, but I think the quality is very very very uneven. Much buy my custom 77 on the net with your eyes closed as much a gibson it must absolutely try to avoid any unpleasant surprises. I loved this guitar so that I sought another in Alpine white (mine is red wine) but only 90 years max 2004, before it's too expensive and then I not too confident. I recently played a new studio, it is lighter so less sustain, and small defects in finish, the sound was OK, but the rosewood fingerboard bother me. For those who love Gibson but do not want to ruin or divorce is the perfect guitar
Echo tango03/24/2011

Echo tango's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it's not worth its price ...."

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Made in USA entry model from Gibson: it shows, it feels.
Pickaxe handle, set up to overcome the deplorable factory for the coating, a painter if you torch your doors and frames in the same way you would do him a trial. Anyway, Gibson is the logo, combined with legendary guitar etc ... then you pay, it closes its mouth and sing the praises of a shovel that is not worth its price.


I do not have this guitar, It belongs to a music workshop for 5 years and therefore passes through various hands. Since nobody seems to want to stick to it I did the interview yesterday (disinfection of the (covered with a jinx that has agglomerated over the years) and slagging of the body (sweat, dust, traces of fingers) smanche, The profile of the handle is a matter of taste. Personally I would do myself but am not a fan. After 5 years the varnish (applied to the brush line presumably) already cracks in the head and a weird moire s is formé.Je am told that some varnishes Gibson react more than others sweat. I think that is ecas here. After some playing time, the itch "glue." Not very agréable.Encore once, other brands are doing better on this plan.Pour keeping the agreement Mecas (honest without more) are only one parameter of the problem. A well-cut nut (not "greenhouse" no strings in gorges) will improve the stability of the agreement, as a suitable mounting string (max 2 turns around the axis mechanics and a good stretching). On a guitar this price, decency and respect for the client wants offered him the adjustment nut when you buy according tirantr strings he chooses). Anyway I'm dreaming here ...


After cleaning, installation of new strings, I plugged into a Marshall AVT150 ​​available to members of the musical workshop.
His clear: Yeah, no one buys this kind of guitar to play the bagpipes UAIS to send heavy spot right? In this regard it is served! Great sustain too.


I have other guitars that I find both a more modest budget (Ibanez SZ, Ltd. EX401) and I owned a Cort M520 which was bluffing a lot of people side tones and playability If I buy one day Lespaul this one will be in Gibson and especially not entry level. But I will look elsewhere first (Ltd, Custom 77, Hagström ...). Forget DECALCO to 2 balls and do tend to trust your hands and ears.

Skyfighter1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Everything has already been said but ...
Mahogany body with curved maple table
Mahogany / Rosewood 22 frets profile 59 '
490R and 498T pickups 2 Gibson
2 volumes and 2 tones
3 position selector
Bridge tun-o-matic / Stop bar tailpiece
Accastillage gold or chrome
Delivered by Gibson Black Reptile Pattern Case interior fourure white)

Mine is finished in Ebony. I think this is the best because it is on which we see at least the absence of the net.

Characteristics make me dream and they make it well



cort x2 I used before with a handle really flat and I was afraid of the handle that several friends have told me quite thick.
But in reality it is pure happiness !!!!! This handle is very comfortable to play than it is for the agreements or solos.

The interface is pretty good I can not find it heavy unlike what they say and my Cort is far from being a reference even if it's worth it for a beginner.

I use an Ebony Gold Hardware in 2010 and finish is excellent in every detail. I just wish the threads and bindings but I knew he had not the studios.

The only small downside is access to acute. Play the 17th cargo is not a problem but when we have to go pull a note in the 22nd when freight solo Knockin on Heavens Door "It is not hot.
Standing with a good strap is not too hard but sat down, every time I sometimes have to "consider" the guitar slightly to get there and every time I'm afraid it does not slip from my hands .

Even if access is difficult to treble from the cargo the 19th, that's not enough to lower my grade.



Here we get down to business.
Many say that the studio is not a real Gibson but mine is quite true!
Everything depends on the models they say that they must try to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
But I ordered this guitar on the internet on a rant. Like what chance does sometimes things well. I compared it with a Les Paul with a friend and was amazed by the sound of my studio.
The sound in clean neck pickup is fat enough for the agreements but the sound is warm and truly exceptional.
Sound bridge pickup is very good but less "done" for agreements with its a bit more garish.

on the other hand in distortion is happiness really is excellent provided you use a good distortion.
I use a fender frontman 15g and clean is very good but the drive is not terrible. on the other hand with a good distortion pedal that changes everything.
I have tried it on a Marshall JVM 410H and the sound is really beautiful. Prefer tube amps if you can

After some adjustment I found THE sound gibson and everything changes!



I use it for 3 weeks and I'm still happy.

I tried another studio, a sg standard, an Epiphone les paul slash appetite, a Les Paul and Les Paul Custom for fun ^ ^ and honestly, my studio at the sound outclasses any other than the custom . Even if the Epiphone pickups mounted with seymour duncan n'entire slash signature does not hurt at all, especially distortion.
on the other hand level finishing, custom and traditional are still ahead. Even if mine is already excellent.

The sound-
-Weight compared to my Cort

The -
- Access to treble

For 999 euros I had a real les paul that would fade over a les paul standard

With the experience I would do this choice with your eyes closed. But when even tried the model in question if you can, because several friends have fallen badly.
Personally I did not do for one simple reason: I live in Switzerland and the music store where I often go to the studios to 2,500 francs and 1,000 francs on thomann ... the choice was quickly made.

yannou56's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
guitar made in usa
tune o matic bridge
22 frets
490R pickups (neck) and 498T (bridge)
1 volume and 1 tone micro
A 3-position selector
wine red crayon
chrome hardware and black


For my part, I find the handle very nice, it's not too big (for LP) and glides well. Like all the LP, it is its weight but it is correct. Level stability on the other hand, nothing to say. The guitar does not move a hair. The access to treble is not the best in the world but it is playable. I easily found a sound that suits me with the microphone serious but it was a different story with the microphone acute that I always found too rough. What bothered me the blow position as intermediary. I have since changed the pickups to put ESP LH200. And my children, at all the same story. The sound is nickel on the 3 positions, as in clean distortion. It sounds a bluesy wish.


My style of music and rock and blues instead. Say I'll easily Who and Led Zeppelin to Iron Maiden through ACDC, Guns, SRV and Rory Gallagher. And this guitar has no problems even with the original pickups to manage all this. Since I am not a follower of fact to find the sound of one or that one by changing the settings, I can not tell you what is obtained by changing parameters. Pltuot I found the sound that pleases my ears and fingers after they are doing the rest. The amp I use at the present time is a ValveKing VK 112, which goes very well with this guitar. But I admit that a Vox AC15 or a Peavey Classic 30 would make me very happy. Mechanisms have been changed to Tulip has Gotoh locking, the tuning is better.


I use for 1 year and a half and I do not sell it for anything. This guitar has been a favorite, I entered the store, I saw, I bought it. I must confessed that due to the acute Paulita. Thereafter, the only thing that displeased me a little was acastillage Black (pickguard, pots, and seélecteur entourage microphones). I have to change that and while passing standart finish (cream and gold). since it gives me a supermodel.
despite the changes I make, I have no regrets and I do it again this election if the opportunity presents itself
I love

majoun's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Made in USA
498R and 498T microphone
Gold hardware


Pleasant handle the weight and the weight of a gibson ACCS to acute FACL
the sound is very good for blues, rock or even metal amp with pedal in addition


we get what we want in terms of his character jai a marshall jcm 900 50/100w lamps and a digitech RP7 valve pdalier and I happened to have what I want to be saturated tb and clean sounds idem


I've had it for 2 years that I like his versatility and his mouth is with his splendid dress red wine
J had a fender mex upgrad DiMarzio with two x2n an ibanez saber for me the quality gibson enlve any report on price I ressigne
1100 euros as new
between 750 and 900 used