Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Studio, LP-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the Les Paul series.

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All user reviews for the Gibson Les Paul Studio

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 76 reviews )
 32 reviews42 %
 32 reviews42 %
 4 reviews5 %
 3 reviews4 %
 3 reviews4 %

khronegon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "Almost" a Gibson Custom ;-)"

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Made in USA.
Mahogany body with rooms.
Maple table.

Mahogany, Rounded profile.

Acrylic trapezoid markers.
Not binding.
22 frets.

Tune O Matic bridge with tailpiece stopbar.
Mechanical Green Key.

Pickups: 2 humbuckers - 498 T - 490 R
2 Volumes, 2 Tones, 3-position selector.
Gibson Case.

Finishes quite correct, but not perfect either, forced to see. White finish, of course, it does not leave room for error, the smallest defect is visible. On mine, I notice a small flaw in the application of varnish on the back of the neck, and the junction between the nail of neck and fingerboard, which is perfect.

Nothing really bad, it's details. No impact on gameplay.
I buy mine online. I had no choice, waiting time in the store was really too long.

I wish other mics ...


The shape Les Paul is the perfect shape for an electric guitar I think.

Rounded handle Gibson is the profile that I prefer (I have big hands).

The body with the chambers, AC reduces the guitar actually not bad (compared to a Les Paul Edwards, solid body). This is far from unpleasant.

Access to acute is that of a les paul, ie pretty bad in the 16th Box ...

The settings are very comprehensive and effective ...

The varnish is a bit "sticky", it must do ... and is highly fragile, should keep the guitar in his box (I had the audacity to put it on a stand, the varnish has yellowed a little, very quickly. Fortunately, I saw it once and it was washed away now .. phew). Finally, I wanted a Les Paul with an ebony fingerboard, then here ...

But next, it'll be a Gibson Custon Ebony tubeless (the 68 or 57) ...


... Because the rooms, I think it means ...

I do not really know if it comes from 498T or rooms, but the Les Paul has a sound reminiscent of a Hollowbody (type ES335, for example) ...

But I do not know if it comes from or room mics ...

Anyway, the guitar is perfect for rock, blues, country, jazz ... for clean tones, crunch (what bliss) for the distortion a little fat old school ... on the other hand for modern metal sounds, she is doing, but no more.

The micro 490R is fine, but I already knew (on a SG).

The 498T microphone, it is quite powerful and quite rough. The term "the fat" takes any definition ca. You understand that the modern metal, AC can be a problem. Got to see the amp settings.

See my config 'on my profile picture.

Edit: I replaced the pickups with Gibson a couple of Seymour Duncan SH1 '59 ... Finish this "draft" ... The '59 is less loaded medium, have a lower output level, but are much more versatile ... The modern metal, no problem ... It's the sound that should have a Les Paul in my opinion. Vintage, but well defined and balanced ... Perfect ...

(I already have two guitars with a couple SH1 and SH4, so I took two SH1 '59 for it, I'm not disappointed).


I have for 5 months.

I had a lot of guitar, see the advice that I could do on the guitar that I had or have in my possession.

I like the ebony fingerboard, the form of Les Paul, the weight content, the neck, the playability (free of defects), the sound in general ...

I like the sounds in the least saturated fat with the 498T (too rough with my equipment). Small defects in finish, this can make out some of their hinges (I do not care).

The varnish is very fragile and white, does not forgive any mistakes.

I would do if that choice. In this budget, yes ... If I can get the triple, no, I take a custom with a full body.

The price / quality ratio is very correct. Approximately € 900

edit: I did not like the pickups ... I found my happiness with Seymour Duncan SH1 '59 ...

bobofran's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio 1993.

See product


I use it since 2000. It's a very nice guitar to play even though initially I put a little time to get used to (coming from a metal handle typed).

Access to treble is good but not obvious in this case should not buy a Les Paul.

Is connected and it sounds ...
Tested and approved in a Line 6 Pod 2.0, SansAmp GT2, Marshall JCM 2000, Marchal Valvlestate 100 W, 15 W Kustom ...


Mine is an "old" but it sounds really good. With distortion is royal. The pickups (490R & 498T) its very polyvalent.s

On the bridge pickup, it is assumed crunch costo very bluesy rock to heavy metal limits. By tuning down is the orgy. In his clear, the sound was typical les paul (amateur sound buy a fender crystalline ...) But it sounds.

On the neck pickup, sounds very 70's sounding rhythmic type (Sabbath, ...) but I think it proves that lead to wonderful. It's bold, hot ... Gary Moore had better watch out. In his clear, very round but again quite bold.

These microphones are great when you play with the gain level of knobs.

The combination of both on the other hand is not necessarily the one I use most ...

In general, it is fat, warm but with good equal, it can become sharp boundary ...


A very good guitar on which I played for 10 years ... I love the violin very simple (black, silver hardware) which is also one of the reasons for the price ... (It's worth it to not like the bling-bling:)

The only one of my guitars on which I have not changed. To advise emergency. I heard some on this forum compare gibson epiphone studio has ... I think we do not speak the same guitars. After testing standards recent ... my old studio need not be ashamed ...
+ Quality of the handle
+ Versatility in its saturated (from blues to metal)
+ The sound
+ Sobriety of violin (but personal taste and therefore subjective)
+ Good ratio Q / P

- The weight because you have to find something wrong but ... paul)

hg6990's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
-This guitar is made in the United States. It was a slecteur-3 positions, one volume knob and one for each Tone pickups. -It has a handle 22 frets, a micro Gibson 490T in bridge and a 490R in the neck. -It has a Tune-O-Matic. -The handle is round and pais. I put 8, when achte a Les Paul is that we know what to expect, nanmoins is true that the ergonomics are not tip-top.


-The handle is enjoyable for rhythmician trs was a grip nickel APRS but for a big solo is not the top can be: has become more boring to play the treble, but nothing serious. In addition, the thickness of the neck play a lot in the vibration-General for the instrument and its consquent sustain. Personally, I play on a MODEL trsrcent is dat in 2008 (I bought it in August 2009) so that part is hollow mahogany body for allger the body (see site gibson .) was not yet lgret an ibanez S or a Jackson Dinky but the weight is more than tolerable (personally I'm an ogre, so it poses no problem myself huk huk huk !)-Haha Access in acute dbat the Lord on the Les Paul: No Access in acute is not good nor trs trs flowing, but if it ca you want, direct you to a stratode! This gives very easy-good sound (to get a mauvaix have to force yourself.) I put 8 for Access in acute inconvenient.


Personally, I play mostly metal, especially Death and Black with my band, I play in a parallle LTD EC500 (body + mahogany + EMG active pickups) I was looking for a second guitar to sound less sharp and more fat more grain and brightness (table Rabl.) The LP Studio filled this task well. So personally, I get a powerful sound, big and Defines: I play a hybrid Randall's very modern and sharp, which characters balance the fat from the Les Paul and gives a sound faith big and bold, sharp, full of grain, bright in the treble but never garish. -The result also sounds very easy crunches hot fat for trs cool stoner (I reminds me to play on a hybrid amp cold and sharp.)-The cleans are warm and harmonious, you can have the lens (relatively warning: it is not a Start) as the trs hot and heavy, remember that the LP is a classic of the arsenal of Bluesmen! -As I said above dj I use a Randall RH300G3 (hybrid lamp / mosfet transo) at the trs cold / sharp / modern and with the Les Paul is hot / fat / vintage was a great balance and a monstrous sound: sharp and large / granular IDAL for a good death or black metal! It comes very easy sounds of Opeth, Dissection, Amon Amarth etc.. I use it sometimes with a Metal Muff Electro Harmonix distortion for metal DLIR less extreme, more heavy / stoner. -I am not able to find sounds frankly detestable. I put the note because it fills me up perfectly!


I use it since August 2009 is three short months which is very little to form an objective opinion, I rviserais my post a few months if needed. "I pretty hsit with the Flying V 67, I also spray a specially LP Faded he and I tried many guitars over the four years I practical instrument, and the LP made me normment effect in early trials, the Studio being the prfrable Faded for me, and much better than the Flying V even if n ' is not really the same instrument. "I love the look of this guitar and its sound is legendary, for cons I found the finish a little lgre for the price, the varnish is fragile and the trs are downright mean mcaniques (but that will change!)-The report quality price is what it is: 1000 euros for the time of purchase, it has a trs good guitar that will age well surely if it is properly maintained and that does not dcoterras 3 years. APRS is an investment in the long run ... CECIS said finishing and MCA are dcevantes.
l'electron libre09/20/2009

l'electron libre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
. Mahogany body with arched maple table
. Mahogany neck / rosewood fingerboard 22 frets
. 490R and 498T pickups 2
. 2 volume and 2 tone, 3-position selector
. Bridge tun-o-matic / Stop bar tailpiece
. Grover oil bath
. Brushed steel fittings
. Supplied in silver Gibson hardshell case box


The handle is very nice fingers "slide" on it ... literally
The access to acute could not be easier ... even the guitar to little fingers will get there! <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="" />
The ergonomics are very good in general despite the weight of the guitar ... but it is a Gibson among others ... slightly different anyway ... it weighs maybe a little heavier than the other versions by studio finishing "all brushed steel" ... That said, it seems that the body is not full ...
Nothing to say about the sound, I tried a dark studio, if the finish creates a difference, it is, I think, very small ...


It is well suited to my style of music even if it is part of a "panel" sounds ... So I would say rather that it fits well my collection of guitar!
Good presence, the warmth of a Gibson!
With this guitar, you get to cover much of the "spectrum" ... fat to "almost" crystalline ... but always with great precision.
For my part, I have a preference for sounds mediums ... good presence and "subtlety" of sound.


I use it for a few months ...
The characteristic I like most? "/>
ALL! It has the sound of a Gibson but in a very original finish!
This guitar is also released in limited edition ... 500 copies!
It's simple, body and handle are painted in silver gray, all lifts are brushed steel, which gives a very unusual side to this guitar.
Little more about this model ... and rare in Gibson (even on more expensive models): the mechanical oil bath! All (brushed steel, matt and metallic paint) is very successful! In addition, it is sold in hard case dressed in a beautiful silver-gray fabric, too ... which gives a certain class to the whole guitar / case ... one side "precious" itself!
I wanted a Gibson, so I tried several before choosing this one ... his question, the differences are not obvious between a studio and a custom ... but the price, it is very different ... Then I came across this guitar look very original ... and I cracked! "/>
So again this choice? Yes, definitely! But even if it is that this model is still available ... I found a site that references the guitars "unconventional" and limited editions ... but that did not sell ...
A month of research to finally order it in England ... found in France!
This ...

gibson92's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Chrome Hardware Les Paul Studio / Fireburst
. Mahogany body / table Saddle bomb
. Set Mahogany neck / rosewood fingerboard 22 frets '59 Rounded Profile
. 2 humbuckers 490R + 498T
. Tune-O-Matic tailpiece Stopbar +
. Chrome hardware
done to us ...
rough cast finish


sleeve below the traditional and other
Ergonomics gibson
ACCS Acute not top
fairly lightweight
and finishing his bof
lag or no better than a half-price Hagstrom


I think a gibson not at all but rather the brand intermdiaire 500 euros
crisp but not sustain
actually ... no personnalitbr /> My one I have a stro due a bc rich
I think I think is objective


gibson less than 1000 euros trying to address the scratch
I will not see this one pihone (better handle and finish) for a price much better
This skyscraper is 600 and not more than 300 logo

freddyk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Studio Alpine White, American-made, 22 frets, 2 alnico humbuckers 490R/498T humbuckers, 2 volume 2 tone, mechanical Gibson, ebony fingerboard, 22 frets,, Tune-O-Matic, chrome hardware. Like most current Gibson: the body is not mahogany! No vendor tell you ... but once you have received the instrument, any letter written in the doc's in the box!


Like all of these Les Paul series (after 2002), frets are a little square .. and not very pleasant! the handle and the type of varnish that covers are fast so unbearable it gets dirty, and it fits very fast ... but with a good luthier, and a steel wool pad you get a quality instrument and gameplay ( ?) higher. For the sound, let's be clear, this is NOT the mahogany, but vendors say (I stress). The pickups are powerful and bold, but would sound better ... with the mahogany models are unstable at the violin first years (the time that the wood dry?) I can only advise you to settle the often the first 2 years if not hello galleys. Also change the mechanics, you will not regret it.


When you buy a Les Paul is not for the finesse nor very clean. So for the lens, look elsewhere!
I play with a Mesa, a NOS, a Hohnner and VHT, and ... it sounds! It's very dynamic, it's pure Gibson juice. The guitar rock and roll!


I've had it 3 years, I like the jaws of the instrument, its balance, its true ebony. I regret that it is not mahogany, frets a little rough. I tried almost 25 different models of Les Paul before choosing one. This model is the cheapest, but not the best finish by comparing all others (except one model at 5500 euros, really exceptional) it was the best by far. The woods were the same, the pickups almost always, and I think all these problems have wood dry. So my advice: if you currently looking for a cheap Les Paul: Take this model, plan a budget luthier therefore, change the mechanical wait 2 years and everything will be fine! The more expensive models having the same problems, only the aesthetic is the price difference. Or if not, buy the hand to someone who has already made the manip!
Value for money means the price maker, but if compared with what is being sold at 3000 euros (I will not quote marks): instruments that must be addressed, plan, made of wood not dry .. . well, what value for money is perhaps not so bad.

sublime-sk71's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Ultra Thin
tune o matic
seleteur rhythm and treble
sleeve type les paul


Channel enjoyable enough but it's not a highway
access to the treble is not easy at the end but otherwise c Good
trs good ergonomics, not heavy at all (the last one is not obliged paulstudio in 1998)
we get good sound easely trs


It should be a background to my style blues rock
we get as much sound as bluesy jazzy sounds bold wishes


Yes yes yes I do it again this choice although the price is high and Gibson plays on the brand to sell on the guitars that could be more polished finishes and Technology (tune o matic mythical not practical when you change your strings ...)

nebs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Purchased in November 2001 for 1500 euros.
The only notable feature is that the studio does not have a maple top (reserved to the standard, the deluxeetc ...)
For the rest it is a les paul, one likes or dislikes.
Nothing to say about the quality, apart from the original hardcase who seemed more cheap than the fender cases.
Cherry red version.
The handle is not a autoraute but I have another guitar solos.


I should mention here that I have kept for 3 days at the store, they were kind enough to take me back. I took a telecaster 52 'instead.
Today I rather regret not having kept, but hey I had a yamaha sg 1000 that sounded better.
The weight, I did not find huge NRJ my telecaster ash is heavier ...
The only problem of this guitar is that the sound was too specific too modern.


Who listen to many dique sixties (faces etc ...), I had a preconceived idea of ​​his Gibson.
I was looking in the studio a fat, fluffy, deaf. The studio is the opposite of that, the sound is brilliant, accurate, balanced, in a word: modern. Big disappointment compared to my expectations, I believe that we must invest in a standard for "the sound" les paul.
To my taste, yamaha sg 1000 (1973) sounded more Gibson.
I think the studio are made for modern rock, hard, pop than blues.
It is ideal in this register but a little dirty or mushy sound, special equipped with p90 (I got one in the year 80) seems more suitable although less defined fat saturation.


In conclusion, I think the studio is aptly named, clear and precise, it will do for very punchy and clean saturations, short for Studio rods ...
The Lespaul range is so vast that suited blues and vintage rock find their "weapon" easy but it will by no means the Studio.
In its modern registry is unbeatable but for me it does not sound that we liked so much disk Robin trower ...
Noted that guitar would be subjective, because pure matter of taste, for my part I found no personality (for a Gibson ..)

Fallenrythm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Manufactured in: United States
Number of frets: 22
Micro Channel 498R, 498T Cheevalet
Bridge: Tune-O-Matic
Setting: 1 volume, 1 Tone micro and a 3 position pickup selector
Neck: Mahogany neck and a touch of rosewood
Body: Mahogany


In terms of ergonomics, the handle is ass enjoyable and playable trs, Access in acute as it is less glorious but still playable ....
In terms of weight I would say that is a Lespaul Lespaul not lgre ... but bearable!
The sound as it is extremely clean, especially trs powerful!!
If you have a bad sound with this guitar is that your amp is bad!!


Personally I used to register mtal rhythm .... and sending death !!!!! the sound is clean and powerful, has does not bleed and there trs little breath! !
Sometimes I use it for blues and rock and is also your exact impcable!
The 498R provides a powerful bass sound (blues), the 498T sounds more acute and sharp!
Its clear the sound is clean, has nice ring to it, sounds a amricain !!!!!


I use this guitar for 6 months, c'tait a dream for me to have a Gibson and I'm really not due to my investment!! Trs is a good and versatile guitar trs good quality for an affordable price trs! I ssay many japanese in the same price range and none had the same that the magis lespaul!
Between Japanese and United States LTo the same price the choice is quickly made!!

Adri02's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Is it still possible to post an opinion on the Les Paul really brings something to the discussion? I&#39;m not sure, but I&#39;ll try to summarize all the positions that you may have with respect to this great instrument.

With regard to the characteristics, know they have varied with time. The les paul from the early 90 had an ebony fingerboard, Gibson then only use the rosewood.

The 90 match at the beginning of the production studio of the series, and also at the time Gibson has no mechanical Gotoh put on the head and ... it was a big mistake! These are actually more expensive (and ugly) as excellent mechanical as Grover that last a lifetime, while they only last 10 years. Like what, the prestige of a trademark does not summarize the manufacturing quality of their instruments.

Few other things to say, less vintage mics sound on a standard (I will return to this later), no binding (the better I always found this process quite ridiculous and expensive for what it brings the final aesthetic), the slice is the same as a standard, the handle is stuck (for better sound in the end).

I have the color ebony good to know: if the les paul was popularized in black at the base, because Uncle Lester was that it would better suit his ... Like what


Access to acute: I personally offsets. For me, the LP is not a guitar shredder. I play very often, however, after the twelfth box, but do not feel embarrassed either.

The handle is downright awesome (and it&#39;s the first thing that attracted me to this scratch): I have a preference for the ebony fingerboard which is much more difficult and on which slide more easily than the rosewood. That said the sound is loaded with bass, which is not an advantage on a guitar as massive as the LP.

Massive, I said ... Yes it is very heavy. But I think it gives a certain style guitarists who play it, a form of restraint and sobriety in the game scene that avoids some excesses that we observe with love the stratocaster. But it is a pure matter of taste. Note that since 2008, Gibson LP manufactures lighter, much lighter (more enjoyable) but the sound is slightly different: less fat, more sustain and resonance ... I think it&#39;s a good thing (unlike the great defenders of the Les Paul), the sound is much more fun.

Rah, do you get a good sound easy? ... NO! It is loud and clear, and I say without question. But it highlights the challenge: make a les paul sound, you will be comfortable on all other guitars (as opposed to a stratum that is far from a guitar teacher). It is also the magic of scratch who played on Paul, because ultimately, it is a tool that completely restores your game. Practice and you&#39;ll have a really magical sound, I promise.


I play with a ENGL savage and I do not use pedals.

The sound of the les paul ... Really indefinable, it is one of the strangest guitars that the land could bear.

We find crystalline cleans (and a little empty) in bridge position and really magical innings. We always say "yeah take for Fender clean" but I protest, the LP stands up very well at this level, and I do not want another scratch for my clean sound!

In crunch it gets really amazing, it grabs the sound of choice riffs, powerful warm, clear ... But this depends heavily on what you plug it! Choose your gear, because we will counterbalance the weight of the scraper with sound material in hi mid busiest.

In saturated fat is both powerful and completely destroy the LP keeps a certain definition, however, some clarity even if the sound tends to twist and from completely balls. In short you will understand, turn the gain with this guitar can change everything!

With regard to the conflict "vintage / modern" I want to make a small note: the Les Paul does not sound "vintage"! You plug it into a Vox AC30 there I want to believe you, but hey do a little list of scratch playing on LP: Bread, Jimmy Page, Green Day, Slash, Indochina, Neil Young, etc.. You see a common thread between these scratch?? I mean, some vintage sound and others do not ... This confirms what I said, this guitar is interdependent with that on which you plug and the way you play. To you to make it sound! As for friends BC Rich, Jackson and others, know that these guitars are made to have a neutral sound: what you hear is the microphone, not the guitar. The Gibson does not sound as can be in your dreams, but they at least have a personality at the violin making, unlike these guitars are so neutral popular among teenagers aged 15 followers of the formula "

In terms of its alleged sustain legendary, I was quite disappointed. Know that there is a way to adjust: the angle between the bridge and the tailpiece should be as large as possible, and similarly, the status of your frets and your nut to sustain final part. As soon as I made the necessary repairs, I edit to say whether it gave a real difference.

For micro ... I was difficult at that level, I asked Seymour Duncan over but hey, the mahogany wood is resistant to a new sound from the microphone so in the end, it has only brought a new sound color to all. This is especially the magnet that will bring a different coloration to the scratch (I do not advocate the alnico 5, it sounds just too weird with the LP). To you to try new combinations ...


It&#39;s been three years since I use it and I really made the rounds ... But something continues to fascinate me in it which I chose to keep it and not switch to a Fender or a Rickenbacker for example ... (Yeah I know, it looks like I&#39;m talking about a chick)

I have often wanted to sell it and buy a different gear, but ultimately I am with, and I prefer to continue to customize rather than start from scratch with a guitar whose sound I tired probablment very quickly.

I advise you, but I would especially recommend to try and be sure before buying it, because with the LP, we are satisfied or very quickly or very quickly disappointed.