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Microphone preamplifiers user reviews

  • Art Tube MP

    Art Tube MP - "Cheap and good enough for a first mic pre"


    Art's Tube MP is exactly that, a tube mic pre-amp. It features xlr and 1/4inch inputs and outputs, and it is a desktop model which makes swapping cables a little bit more convienient. Newer models also include a decent VU meter and a brickwall limite…

  • Universal Audio 8110

    Universal Audio 8110 - "Octo-pre-GOD!"


    This is an analog unit with the typical xlr and trs connections. Unlike the 4110, this unit sadly does not have the instrument input. UTILIZATION Utilization is super simple- pre and post gain and 3 voice selection on each of the 8 preamps. Typical…

  • Focusrite Red 7 Mono Mic-Pre & Dynamics

    Focusrite Red 7 Mono Mic-Pre & Dynamics - "easy to config"


    The Focusrite Red 7 Mono Mic-Pre is an analog based, solid state channel strip that contains a preamplifier, an optical compressor and a four band equalizer. It has 1/4 inch connections as well as an XLR input for your microphone. It is powered by th…

  • BAE Audio 1073

    BAE Audio 1073 - "try it!"


    The Neve 1073 channel strip in my opinion is the best channel strip you can get for your buck. Both the pre-amp section and the compressor section are extremely useful. Most of the time I will record using the compression straight to Pro Tools, but m…

  • Seventh Circle Audio T15

    Seventh Circle Audio T15 - moosers's review


    The Seventh Circle Audio T15 is build it yourself module designed for Seventh Circle’s rack system. This will only be useful to you if you are planning on getting the Seventh Circle chassis which can hold up to 8 of these modules. Seventh Circle ha…

  • Seventh Circle Audio C84

    Seventh Circle Audio C84 - moosers's review


    The Seventh Circle Audio C84 is a build it yourself preamplifier. If you don’t know about Seventh Circle Audio, they offer unique modules that you can build yourself or order them preassembled. You can only used these modules within a Seventh Circl…

  • Chandler Limited Germanium Preamp/DI

    Chandler Limited Germanium Preamp/DI - "solid amp"


    The Chandler Limited is a two channel microphone preamplifier, modeled after the preamps from a Quad Eight console from the early 1970's. It's a simple device with a great sound. It's got XLR inputs and outputs in the back for each of the two channel…

  • BAE Audio 1064

    BAE Audio 1064 - moosers's review


    The Brent Averill 1064 is a Neve clone of the same name and build. I'm not totally clear on if this Brent Averill 1064 that I used was a commercial product or just fixed up and racked up by Brent Averill. I'm pretty sure though that it's a recreati…

  • RME Audio OctaMic

    RME Audio OctaMic - "Alot of inputs"


    The Audio Octo Mic by RME is an analog solid state pre amp that is a both a pre amp and a DI box in one. It has 2 1/4 inch DI inputs and XLR connections as well. It is a rackable unit. UTILIZATION The configuration of the Octo Mic is pretty easy …

  • Seventh Circle Audio J99

    Seventh Circle Audio J99 - moosers's review


    The Seventh Circle Audio J99 is a build your own preamplifier module. Check out Seventh Circle Audio in full before you read this review to get a good idea of what they're all about. Basically they offer up kits for making your own preamps, with th…