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Microphone preamplifiers user reviews

  • Drawmer 1960

    Drawmer 1960 - blackle's review


    The Drawmer 1960 is a stereo compressor with a tube preamp section. His reference was probably connected with a vintage where the processors that operated according to this technology occupied the vast majority of the market (the transistor was intro…

  • Universal Audio SOLO/610

    Universal Audio SOLO/610 - " Quality!"


    Tube preamp. Instrument input jack DI XLR or microphone. A UTILIZATION knob gain and output. A low cut, 48v etc ... Staining SOUND QUALITY typed AU adore. OVERALL OPINION I tested this preamp a little while ago at a friend and I did r…

  • Universal Audio SOLO/610

    Universal Audio SOLO/610 - " Warm and soft 3D"


    1.analogique., Lamp, XLR. Portable, no rack. UTILIZATION 2.Simple. Designed for jazz and blues voice (Nat King cole.Sinatra.Muddy Waters) with acoustic instruments. Heat douceur.Je SOUND QUALITY transparency and the reserve for the voices of …

  • PreSonus TubePre

    PreSonus TubePre - " it works"


    Prampli small lamp, a channel no pice of plastic! even the knobs are made of steel! has inspired confidence! UN Drive, gain .. out of phase, a pad, low cut phantom power supply Between XLR jack Released Same USE Nothing to report, re…

  • Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity

    Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity - itchounet's review


    Techno hybrid, low-cut, power supply +48 v, choice of line or mic level, not very accurate meter saw, knob that will determine more or less level light ... UTILIZATION Config classic, I didn 't read the manual ... It turns the knob and the sound …

  • Focusrite Red 8 Dual Mic-Pre

    Focusrite Red 8 Dual Mic-Pre - djakou's review


    Class has a preamp transistors 2U rackmount XLR across a transistor preamp UTILIZATION This could not be simpler to use the same point there is no instruction manual in the box, +48 V, phase inversion and gain pots, no more. SOUND QUALITY A…

  • Golden Age Project Pre-73

    Golden Age Project Pre-73 - Xadovitch's review


    It is a preamp with analog circuit is based on the Neve 1073 but with cheap components assembled in China. UTILIZATION Is very simple to use and packed with interesting features. Can independently adjust the levels of input and output metering an…

  • PreSonus Digimax FS

    PreSonus Digimax FS - " Nickel"


    I use it to supplement my motu828mk3 battery for my toms, HH. connected ADAT 24b 44Khz (I tried also 48Khz). no worries of malfunction between the Motu and it ... UTILIZATION No prob installation (it can be recognized via adat) SOUND QUALITY …

  • Behringer MINIMIC MIC800

    Behringer MINIMIC MIC800 - toche13's review


    MINIMIC MIC800 Microphone modeling preamp ultra compact Microphone modeling preamp Ultra compact half-rack for studio and stage Preamp very high quality microphone, instrument and line-perfect complement to studio microphones Ultra-flexible Pream…

  • Universal Audio 2-610

    Universal Audio 2-610 - " Fabulous! big vintage sound!"


    typically analog preamp tube 2 channel Neutrik XLR input and output .. DI Crane different input impedances can be either for the microphone, as for the DI ... input gain and output notched according to gain and what we're looking ... you have to play…